Burpees exercise benefits

Burpees exercise benefits

Exercise helps a person to stay physically and mentally fit. For this, burpees exercise can prove to be very effective. Burpees exercises can help burn fat, keep the heart healthy and improve brain function. To do this, one has to sit in the squat position, do pushups and jump. Physical activity caused by this can burn 10 to 15 calories in a minute according to the weight. At the same time, there is a possibility of injury due to slight carelessness while doing burpees exercise. Today in this article, you will learn about the benefits, benefits, calorie burn and disadvantages of doing burpees exercise

How to do burpees exercise?

Burpees exercise benefits
Burpees exercise benefits

Burpees are easy to do, to do this sitting in a squat position, pushups and jumps is the main thing. Let us learn in detail how to do burpees exercise-

  • To do burpees, bend your knees, keep your back straight and spread your legs shoulder-width apart and come into a squatting position.
  • Now spread both the hands straight in front and keep them on the floor. With this, the hands will be visible just inside the feet.
  • Then, putting weight on the hands, kick the legs backwards. With this, the fingers of the hands and feet will come in the posture of pushup.
  • At this time the body will be in a straight line from head to heel. Now do a pushup. 
  • Then jump while doing frog kick and straighten the body.
  • After this, take both the hands together above the head. 
  • Now jump fast in the air and come back to the squat position from which you started.
  • After this repeat this process again.
  • This process has to be done in a sequence without stopping. After exercising one or two burpees, you can take a break for a few seconds.

Benefits of Burpees Exercise

Regular practice of burpees exercise can have benefits both physically and mentally. Its benefits include improving lung capacity, improving blood flow, reducing the risk of diabetes, and balancing blood pressure levels. Come, let us know in detail about the benefits of doing burpees exercise –

burn fat

Exercising burpees can help in burning fat. According to a research, the digestive capacity of the body increases with burpees exercise. This can prevent fat from freezing in the body. Along with this, it can also help in keeping the body fit.

keep heart healthy

Cardiac problems can occur due to increase in blood pressure . According to research published in this regard, blood pressure can be controlled by doing burpees exercise. This can prevent heart related problems from developing.

improve lung capacity

The benefits of exercising burpees can be for the lungs. This exercise has a direct effect on the lungs, which can cause shortness of breath in the beginning, but with its regular practice, the lungs become stronger and its capacity increases.

improve blood circulation

Performing burpees exercise can help in improving blood circulation. During this exercise, there is activity in the whole body. When there is activity in the whole body, there is better blood circulation in all the parts of the body.

reduce the risk of diabetes

Burpees exercise can be helpful in keeping away the risk of diabetes . Actually, exercising burpees can help in transmitting blood sugar properly in the body. This can help in keeping the glucose level balanced. In this way the risk of diabetes can be kept away.

improve brain function

Exercising burpees can improve brain function. According to a study, doing burpees exercise can improve blood circulation in the brain region. This can improve the working capacity of the brain.

How many calories do burpees exercise burn?

Burpees are a good exercise to burn calories. While doing this, there is a continuous effect on the whole body and this exercise can also reduce the fat of the whole body. It is believed that most people can do about 20 burpees in a minute. Due to this, their calories can be burnt according to their body weight, for example, if the weight of a person is 56 kg, then they can burn 10 calories in a minute, 70 kg with 12.5 calories and 83 kg with 15 calories.

Precautions related to burpees exercise

Like any exercise, doing burpees also carries some risk of injury. It should always be done in a safe way, so that the damage caused by it can be avoided. Come, let us know in detail about some useful things related to Burpees exercise-

  • Do not do it with too much enthusiasm, because it can disturb the balance of the body and there is a risk of falling and getting hurt.
  • If someone has recently undergone surgery, then do not do burpees. Due to this, the fear of opening of stitches remains, which will prove to be harmful for the body.
  • If there is pain in hands-feet or any other part of the body , then burpees exercise should not be done. Due to this the pain can take serious form.


Regular exercise can go a long way in helping a person stay healthy. People should exercise by taking some time out of their busy routine. By doing burpees, blood flow can be improved, diabetes can be prevented and the heart can be kept healthy. To do this, squat position, pushup and jump have to be done. This leads to good physical activity and can burn calories. Just need to be careful while doing it. If this is not done, there is a risk of injury and opening of surgery stitches. Also, always do this exercise under expert supervision.