Boys Attitude Status

Boys Attitude Status

In today’s post we will know about Boys Attitude Status. Friends, in today’s era of internet and social media, every boy wants to stand out from the crowd. Be it posting a photo on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or posting a great status and quote, everyone wants to look the most impressive. Shayari and Quotes for Boys. So read the article till the end for Boys Attitude Quotes and Funny Shayari.

Boys Attitude Status
Boys Attitude Status

So start reading Funny Attitude Status, Shayari & Quotes for Boys.

85+ Attitude Status, Shayari & Quotes For Boys

Here we have divided the Funny Attitude Quotes for Boys into four different parts. From these, you can dedicate to your brother, friend or boyfriend by choosing Shayari and Status similar to their personality. So let’s start the article on Attitude Status for Boys.

Attitude Status for Boys

Status in social media means to share your thoughts or feelings with your friends. Many times new information about the personality of the people is also available through the status itself. In such a situation, status can also be called a medium to show one’s personality. So given here are some similar attitude status for boys, let’s read in a sequential manner, attitude status for boys:

  1. I know how to live, I know how to love, I know how to struggle, I know how to cry, but I do not know how to give up.
  2. Your attitude can hurt me, but my attitude can kill you.
  3. We rule everywhere, in the hearts of those who love and in the minds of those who don’t.
  4. Where no one would recognize you, my name is enough there.
  5. My flight will go far, you keep watching sitting on the ground.
  6. I’m hot, but my attitude is cool.
  7. Don’t complain, work hard.
  8. Beauty pleases everyone’s eyes, but good behavior pleases everyone’s heart.
  9. It is acceptable to give love and hate both by right. We don’t even take crores of rupees as charity.
  10. It is a strange game of this world, the shadow which is under the feet in the afternoon, the same shadow becomes higher than itself in the evening.
  11. Don’t take my calm nature lightly like the waves of the ocean, remember these waves when uncontrollable take everything away with them.
  12. I love sharing love, not love divided .
  13. No books, but I read people’s nature very well.
  14. I am like this since childhood, now you call it my boyishness or arrogance.
  15. The emperors are not only of the sultanates but also of the hearts.
  16. We are the ones who listen to conscience and not fear.
  17. Be it habits or relationships, we make them for a lifetime.
  18. I do not accept wanting anything more than self-respect.
  19. Choose me or let me go I don’t like someone having a back up plan.
  20. I want to be your companion , not your favorite toy.
  21. I’m not ignoring you, you just never cross my mind.
  22. You don’t think about my WhatsApp status, think about the status of your life.
  23. If you don’t like me then tell me, I prefer denial to waiting.
  24. I have seen the loss of a life whose loss of life was lost.
  25. We both like Udhari and Yaari.
  26. Strong tea and heart-to-heart relationships, both take time to build.
  27. Nawab is that’s why we keep our tone sweet, otherwise we are fond of bitter gourd.
  28. It is not easy to love me, I am not understood by anyone, so I am not forgotten by anyone.
  29. If people are talking behind your back, there is only one reason for it – they are behind you.
  30. Don’t collect notes friends , years go by.

After the Attitude Status for Boys, now let’s read the Attitude Quotes for Boys in the next part of the article.

Attitude Quotes for Boys

Here we are sharing with you Attitude Quotes for Boys. It can be a good option to use these quotes as captions along with photos on Instagram. So without much delay let us go ahead and start with the precious words of some great personalities which are as follows:

  1. Your potential refers to what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do and your attitude determines how efficiently you can do that work. – Lou Holtz
  2. Excellence is not a quality, but it is your attitude. – Ralph Marston
  3. The importance of our life is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela
  4. When there is extreme darkness in our lives, that is the best time to focus on the light. – Aristotle Onassis
  5. First they will ignore you, then they will start laughing at you, then they will start fighting with you, then only you will win. – Mahatma Gandhi
  6. A person is made of his thoughts, you become what you think. – Mahatma Gandhi
  7. Great dreams of great dreamers always come true. – A. PJ Abdul Kalam
  1. The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein
  2. We do not regret not meeting anyone, those people whom we do not meet should regret.
  3. We like both thinking and stature to be high.
  4. Don’t be so bitter for me, there are people more bitter than me in this world.
  5. Attitude should not be sweet, if sea water was sweet then people would have finished it too.
  6. I like to live in simplicity, I have often seen spoiled people becoming famous.
  7. I have inherited property, an identity that I have made myself.
  8. I am a strength for friends and a disaster for enemies.
  9. Respect this time when we come to see you, there will be a time when you will ask for time to see us.
  10. I love to ignore and climb mountains.
  11. Don’t test my patience, whenever it is broken it has brought a storm with it.
  12. Don’t be successful, learn to be capable, luck will change by itself.
  13. The world which is unhappy even with God, how can it be happy seeing you.
  14. My attitude depends on who is in front of me.
  15. Beauty fades with time, but your attitude towards life always remains.
  16. Those who don’t even know me well say that I have changed.
  17. I don’t insult people, I just tell them how they are.
  18. It is foolish to make time for those who do not make time for you.
  19. They laugh at me because I’m different, and I laugh at them because they’re all the same.
  20. Do not consider my personality and my attitude as one. What I am is my personality and what you are is my attitude towards you.
  1. I like to walk on the path where there is no path, I am fond of making both path and identity myself.
  2. Become the captain of the boat of your life yourself, if life does not cross the waves then say so.
  3. I am not a bully, I just have the skill to speak the truth on my face.
  4. If the goals are not achieved in life, then change the methods, not the intentions.
  5. This is the madness that brings me to your streets, if I was a wanderer, I would have taken you to other streets.
  6. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

Attitude Shayari for boys can also be a unique way of expressing their personality. So read Attitude Shayari for Boys in this part of the article.

Attitude Shayari for Boys

Someone has rightly said that the language of poetry is the language of the heart. Emotions and life are poetry. In such a situation, praising the attitude of boys through poetry can also be very fun. So Read Boys Attitude Shayari:

  1. Like love, I am a treasure of sorrow, I am
    not involved in everyone’s fate.
  2. Our style is such that we
    ignore the haters.
  3. Know what kind of relationship it is,
    I like Bhandara more than dates.
  1. A girl should be cute,
    even a fox is greedy.
  2. Friends have started decreasing a little,
    ever since we have started calling wrong wrong.
  3. Those relationships and help that are without any meaning,
    always give comfort to the lonely heart.
  1. Don’t know why you find this question difficult,
    love people and use things.
  2. Even if it is bad, I come into your thinking,
    then whether I am called a vagabond, a lover, a crazy person.
  3. We also tolerate hatred for relationships,
    we are not the ones who call the truth a lie and a lie the truth.
  4. I fell many times, the wall of my expectations never fell,
    for the sake of demolishing which his humanity fell many times.
  5. If you point a finger at me, be careful,
    we force those who point a finger to clap.
  1. I have considered your love
    as love, not a game, otherwise there is no such game in which we cannot win.
  1. There are some dreams which have to be converted into reality,
    some people have started flying high, first they have to be accounted for.
  2. You don’t stop burning, we won’t stop smiling,
    I have a crazy attitude, like this I will turn my face a little.