Black Cumin Seed Benefits

Black Cumin Seed Benefits

People often use cumin for tempering in food. Apart from the cumin used for tempering at home, there is also another type of cumin, which is known as black cumin. Black cumin Seed is rich in many medicinal properties. Read this article to understand what is the specialty of black cumin and why it is consider so good.

We are starting the article by giving information about the benefits of black cumin Seed.

Benefits of Black Cumin Seed

Below are the benefits of black cumin seed based on scientific studies in detail, some of which are as follows:

1. For Digestion

Black cumin Seed benefits may be in digestion. According to a scientific study published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), black cumin Seed works as a traditional remedy for many problems, one of which is digestion. It is said to aid in digestion , which can improve digestion as well as relieve problems related to the digestive tract. Research has said that drinking a decoction of black cumin can also reduce the problem of indigestion.

2. Cold and Fever

Black cumin can also be use to get relief from cold and fever. It is use as a traditional medicine for colds. Along with this, black cumin can also prove to be helpful in reducing fever. Even though black cumin can reduce cold and fever, but which properties present in it are helpful in this, more study is need about it.

3. Immunity

The benefits of eating black cumin can be to increase immunity. A research published on the website of NCBI has given that black cumin is rich in immunomodulatory and therapeutic properties. These properties can prevent allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, atopic eczema, etc. by increasing the body’s immunity.

4. For Weight Loss

If you are troubled by obesity and weight gain, then the benefits of black cumin can be seen. According to a medical research published in this regard, black cumin seeds have anti-obesity properties, which plays a major role in reducing obesity. Along with this, there may also be a reduction in waist size and body mass index to some extent. In such a situation, to reduce weight, black cumin can be include in the diet.

5. Abdominal pain

The use of black cumin is also consider good for stomach and intestine relate problems. A research paper published in NCBI has written that black cumin can provide relief from flatulence, vomiting and nausea. Apart from this, the analgesic effect present in black cumin reduces pain, as we have already mentioned. In such a situation, black cumin can also be consider useful for stomach pain.

6. Cancer

Everyone wants to stay away from a deadly problem like cancer. Black cumin can prove to be helpful in keeping this problem away. Research released by NCBI in this regard shows that black cumin has anti-cancer properties, which can prevent cancer. In addition, it can also be use as an alternative chemotherapy. Just note that black cumin is not a cure for cancer, only medical treatment should be done for this serious problem.

7. Headache

If there is pain in the stomach, then you can drink black cumin water. Research suggests that black cumin has been use for years for complaints of headache. Actually, it has analgesic ie pain reducing effect. This can provide relief from the problem of headache.

8. For the skin 

Black cumin benefits can also be seen to overcome skin related problems. According to a scientific study published on the NCBI website, black cumin has anti-microbial properties, anti-inflammatory as well as wound healing and skin pigmentation reducing effects. These properties can provide relief from the problem of psoriasis, acne, wounds, burns, inflammation and pigmentation. Applying black cumin paste to eczema and other skin related problems can provide relief.

9. For hair

The benefits of black cumin can also be seen on the hair. According to a research published in this regard, applying black cumin oil to the hair can improve hair shine, texture and reduce hair problems. In such a situation, people suffering from hair problems can use its oil.

Next we are telling about the nutritious elements present in black cumin.

Nutritious Elements of Black Cumin

Through the table below, the nutrients present in black cumin are being told:

energy400 kcal
protein16.67 g
Total lipid (fat)33.33 g
Carbohydrate50 g
Iron12 mg
Black Cumin Seed

Read the article further to understand how to use black cumin.

How to Use Black Cumin Seed

Over the years, black cumin has been use in many ways. Know its uses by scrolling down

  •  Black cumin or its powder can be put in the vegetable.
  •  Black cumin can be use as snacks or in cookies.
  •  It is also added while making bread and naan.
  •  Black cumin is also use while making biryani and pulao.
  •  Black cumin is also use for tempering the dal.
  •  It can also be add while making pickles.
  •  Boil black cumin in water and drink it as a decoction.
  •  Make a paste of black cumin and apply it on the areas affected by skin related problems .

Next we will mention the disadvantages of black cumin.

Side Effects of Black Cumin Seed

Now we will give information related to the harm of black cumin in the article. Although its seeds do not cause much harm, but if it is consume in excess quantity, then some problems may occur.

•             If someone consumes black cumin oil in excess, then they may have stomach ache.

•             Avoid using black cumin during pregnancy. If someone pregnant is thinking of using it, then they must consult a doctor once about this.

•             Black cumin can speed up the blood flow caused by an injury. Actually, a kind of element called thymoquinone is found in it, which slows down the rate of blood clotting. This can cause blood to flow more quickly when an injury occurs.

•             By reading this article, you must have understood that like normal cumin, black cumin can also be beneficial. Just feel free to use it. Yes, keep in mind the harm of black cumin while using it, so that excessive use of black cumin can be avoid. To reap the benefits of black cumin, which is rich in taste and medicinal properties, drinking its water can be consider most beneficial.

Frequently asked Questions

Can black cumin be taken empty stomach in the morning?

Yes, black cumin can be consume on an empty stomach. Just consume the decoction of black cumin.

What are the benefits of eating raw black cumin?

No, eating raw black cumin should be avoid. Yes, it can be roast and use as a powder.

Can black cumin and honey be taken together?

Yes, of course black cumin and honey can be consume together. Both are beneficial, but research proving this is lacking. However, people mix both in the decoction and use it.

How to eat black cumin?

Roast black cumin and grind it. It can be consume by adding it to raita and vegetables. Apart from this, a decoction can be made by boiling black cumin seeds with water.

What are the benefits of eating black cumin?

The benefits of eating black cumin are many. In a research, black cumin has been clearly describe as useful for relieving headache, migraine, dizziness, cough, bronchitis, asthma, obesity, diabetes, piles, arthritis, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems such as dyspepsia, flatulence, dysentery and diarrhea.