Biotin for beard growth

Biotin for beard growth

Whether it is a celebrity or a common man, nowadays everyone likes to keep beard and moustache. Anyway, beard and mustache are the pride of men and these days this style is also in trend. Therefore, many people use expensive creams and oils to grow beard and nothing can be better than biotin in this work. It has also been proved in some research that biotin can help in the growth of beard. Along with this, it can also enhance the beauty of the beard. Today in this article, you will know the benefits and methods of using biotin for beard –

benefits of biotin for beard

Biotin is also known as Vitamin-B7 . Biotin plays an important role in digesting proteins , carbs and fats . Along with this, biotin also helps in the production of keratin. Keratin is a protein found in hair, skin and nails. Therefore, it is said that biotin is essential for hair. Using biotin for beard can also be beneficial. The benefits of biotin for beard are as follows –

grow beard

Biotin for beard growth
Biotin for beard growth

Biotin plays an important role in the production of keratin found in hair. Keratin is a major protein that can aid in hair growth. Several studies suggest that taking biotin may help with hair growth. Biotin can prove to be effective in the growth of beard.

Men whose beard is small or growth is not good, they can use biotin. This can cause rapid growth of hair. This can give an attractive look to men.

prevent hair fall

Biotin produces proteins in the hair. Due to this, the hair gets adequate nutrition, the hair becomes strong from the root. If your beard hair is falling, you can use biotin. Biotin supplement can be taken on beard hair loss or biotin oil and serum can also be used. Biotin can strengthen beard hair and protect it from breakage.

make beard shiny

When there is less protein in the hair, it leads to hair damage. Hair looks dry and lifeless. If there is no shine in the hair of the beard, then biotin can be used. Biotin gives protein to the beard hair, this gives a new shine to the hair. Biotin can be helpful in making hair soft and shiny. The shiny beard looks very attractive and the look also looks fabulous.

How to use biotin for beard?

It is advised to take biotin supplement for growth of beard, to make beard good. Apart from this, biotin can be used on beard in some other ways as well –

  • Biotin face cream can be used on beard. 
  • Biotin oil can be applied to the beard. This can help in the growth of beard.
  • Biotin serum can be applied on the beard. Biotin serum can make hair soft and shiny.

Let us clarify here that there is still less research in this regard whether the skin is able to absorb biotin properly or not. Also, it is difficult to tell whether applying creams and oils containing biotin has a positive effect on the beard or not.


Biotin can be very beneficial for growing beard. Biotin can be used on the beard in the form of creams, oils and serums. If you want, you can also include biotin rich foods and supplements in your diet. If still your beard is not growing properly, then definitely take the opinion of an expert.