Betel nut benefits

Betel nut benefits

Those who eat betel leaf or use betel leaf for worship, they must also know about betel nut. Along with betel nut, betel nut is also used for gutkha-tobacco etc. The truth is that most people would know betel nut only for the use of these things, but the reality is not just that. According to Ayurvedic books, betel nut is a potent medicine. You can take the benefits of betel nut in the prevention or treatment of different diseases. Perhaps you also do not know about the benefits of eating betel nut.

According to Patanjali, betel nut is a herb, the use of which helps in curing diseases. Many diseases can also be treated by the use of betel nut. Let us know about the benefits of betel nut.

Betel nut benefits

What is betel nut?

Betel nut is a herb. There are many types of betel nut, depending on the country and variety. Its mainly two main species are prevalent, which are:-

  • betel nut
  • red betel nut

Arecanut tree is as tall as palm and coconut. Its stem is straight, smooth, ringed, Its leaves are big, long like coconut leaves. Its fruits are smooth, orange in colour. When ripe, the fruit is deep orange in color and oval. There is betel nut inside this fruit.

Name of Betelnut (Supari) in Different Languages

The botanical name of betel nut is Areca catechu Linn, Syn-Areca hortensis Lour and it belongs to Arecaceae family. Betel nut is known by many names all over the world which are:-

Supari in-

  • Betelnut in Hindi – Supari, Sopari, Supari, Kaseli
  • Supari in Urdu
  • Supari in English – Areca nut, Betelpalm, Betel nut palm
  • Supari in Sanskrit – ghorant, bean, bean, guwarak, smooth, bean fruit, anxiety
  • Supari in Oriya – Pugo, Tranodrum, Gua, Supari
  • Supari in Assamese – Tambul
  • Supari in Konkani – Fufal, Maddi, Supari
  • Supari in Kannada – Betta, Puga, Kadi, Adike
  • Supari in Gujarati
  • Supari in Tamil – Kamugu, Paakkumaram
  • Supari in Telugu – Poka, Kolapoka
  • Supari in Bengali – Gua, Shupari, Supari
  • Supari in Nepali
  • Supari in Punjabi
  • Supari in Marathi – Pung, Pophali, Supari
  • Supari in Malayalam – अदक्कामरम (Adakkamaram), कुवंगु (Kuvangu)
  • Supari in Arabic – Fofal, Fufal
  • Supari in Persian – Popal, Pupal

Benefits of betel nut

By now you have come to know what is areca nut, and by what names it is known. Now let us know what are the Ayurvedic properties of betel nut, how it is used medicinally, and what are its methods:-

Treatment of mouth ulcers using betel nut

  • Make ashes of betel nut and big cardamom when there are blisters in the mouth. Mix honey in it and apply it in the mouth. This is beneficial in the problem of mouth ulcers.
  • Make a decoction from dry ginger, betel nut, or chili pepper , cow urine, and coconut water . Gargling with this is beneficial in diseases of the mouth such as hypertrichosis.

Benefits of eating betel nut

  • If there are worms in the stomach, make a decoction of 10-30 ml betel nut fruit. Stomach worms are killed by consuming this.
  • Similarly, drinking 5 ml juice of betel nut also cures stomach ailments. Stomach waste is passed out through faeces.

Benefits of eating betel nut in intestinal disease

Many people keep having problems related to intestines. To cure intestinal diseases, take 1-4 grams of betel nut powder with buttermilk. It is beneficial in intestinal diseases.

Arecanut Benefits for Dental Pain

  • If you are suffering from toothache , then make ashes of betel nut, kheer , pippali and black pepper in equal quantity. Rub it on the teeth. It provides relief from toothache, gum pain, and tongue pain (supari benefits).
  • Rubbing betel nut powder on the teeth also cures dental disorders.

Use of betel nut gives benefits in diarrhea

The benefits of eating betel nut are also found in diarrhea. For this, cook five green betel nuts in low flame. When it starts burning from inside, then take it out, cut it and use it. It is beneficial in diarrhea.

Use of betel nut to stop vomiting

  • Taking betel nut and turmeric powder (1-3 grams) mixed with sugar stops vomiting .
  • Mix betel nut (areca catechu) ashes and neem bark in water. Filtering it and giving it little by little stops vomiting.

Use of betel nut in eye disease

Mix equal parts of upampam, supari, and a small amount of crystal. Dissolve them in lemon juice . Putting one drop of this juice in the eyes cures the problem of redness of the eyes.

Use of betel nut to get benefits in Leukorrhea

The benefits of eating betel nut are also found in leucorrhoea. It is better to use supari pak to get benefit in leucorrhoea.

Uses of Supari for Menstrual Disorder

Women who are suffering from menstrual disorders should consume supari pak. This gives relief in menstrual disorders.

Uses of Supari to Treat Urinary Disorder

Betel nut should be used in urinary diseases such as intermittent urination, frequent urination, or sugar in urine. For this, make a decoction of the bark of betel nut and kheer. Drinking 10-30 ml of decoction mixed with honey is beneficial in urinary diseases.

Benefits of eating betel nut

Benefits of eating betel nut are also found in sperm disease. Mix 6 grams of betel nut flower powder, 3 grams of sugar in it and consume it with milk. This is beneficial in sperm disease.

Benefits of betel nut in syphilis disease

Applying the powder of betel nut on the wound of syphilis heals the wound immediately. During this, it is necessary to apply paste of betel nut on the wound daily. During this remedy, food made from barley is to be consumed.

Use of betel nut is beneficial in skin disease.

To cure skin disease, grind betel nut and apply it. It cures skin wounds, and other skin disorders. 

Benefits of Betel nut in Fighting with Eczema

  • In eczema, add some sesame oil to betel nut ashes. Mix some ghee in it, and apply it on the sick part. This gives benefits in eczema .
  • If the skin has turned red, soak betel nut in boiling water overnight. Wash the redness of the skin with that water in the morning. It is beneficial in skin diseases.

Benefits of eating betel nut in smallpox

You can also use betel nut in diseases like smallpox . Take 1-2 grams of betel nut powder with water. This is also one of the benefits of eating betel nut. 

Use of betel nut is beneficial in the problem of baldness

Baldness is the problem of many people, for which people try many remedies. Use of betel nut in baldness is beneficial. For this, take Neelkamal, Baheda fruit marrow, sesame, and Ashwagandha in equal parts. Mix half a part of pringu flower and betel nut bark in it and grind it. Applying it is beneficial in the problem of baldness. 

Use of betel nut in Vata Dosha

Make a decoction of scallion and betel nut. Mix it in oil and massage it. Due to this, patients suffering from gout start getting healthy in 21 days.

Use of betel nut beneficial in back pain

Mixing the juice of betel leaf with oil and massaging it on the waist cures back pain .

Benefits of consuming betel nut in bleeding

  • For bleeding from different parts of the body like nose, ear etc., take 2 grams of betel nut powder and mix the same amount of sandalwood powder . Drink it with tandulodak containing sugar. Due to this, there is benefit in blood bile (supari benefits).
  • Take betel nut flower powder and sandalwood stem powder in equal quantity. Consume them with Tandulodak and honey. This stops the bleeding.

Useful Parts of Betel nut

Betel nut can be used in this way:-

  • betel nut
  • betel nut powder
  • areca fruit
  • betel leaves

How to use betel nut? (How to use Betel nut in Hindi)

You can use betel nut in the following quantities:-

  • Flower powder – 5-6 grams
  • Fruit decoction – 10-20 ml
  • Paste – 10-12 grams

If you want to take advantage of diseases by using betel nut, then for better results, use betel nut after consulting a doctor.

Where is betel nut found or grown?

Betel nut is cultivated in the coastal areas of the sea. Arecanut trees are found in abundance in the coastal areas of the whole of India.