Best oats for weight gain

Best oats for weight gain

If your weight is not increasing then you are not eating healthy food, it is not necessary to increase calories to gain weight, you can gain healthy weight even by adding healthy things to the diet. You can gain weight with the help of oats. Oats are rich in zinc and magnesium, it also contains vitamin B and iron, by consuming which you can increase your weight. If you take oats with healthy fats, then you can gain weight quickly, instead of sugar in oats, add nuts, fruits, full fat milk or curd, which will also be healthy to eat and will help in increasing your weight. In this article, we will discuss how to use oats for weight gain.

Best oats for weight gain

Add fruits, nuts, seeds in oats for weight gain

You can also increase weight by adding sugar to oats, but it will not be a healthy way, it will increase weight but symptoms of blood sugar can be seen, so add healthy fruits, nuts, seeds instead of sugar. Add such things in which the amount of fats is high. You can also add protein powder to oats, but consult your doctor for that, 25 grams of protein powder can be taken to gain weight. Protein is beneficial for increasing muscle mass because it contains amino acids from which new muscles are made. 

Increase weight by adding healthy ingredients to oats

It is not possible to increase your weight by eating only oats, you have to mix some other things with it. You can add full fat milk to oats, besides nuts and seeds like raisins, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, protein powder but on doctor’s advice, you can add calories to oats by adding these things. You can also eat fruits mixed with oats, for this you can mix banana, apple, mango, berries with oats. 

How to use oats to gain weight?

To gain weight, make a shake of oats and drink it , or you can add healthy toppings to oats. You can add more calorie toppings to oats to make them healthy for weight gain. If you add banana to oats then you will get 198 calories while adding raisins to oats will increase about 110 calories, if you add peanut butter also then the calories of oats will increase. Is. You make a healthy shake of oats-

Ingredients to make Oats Shake: To make Oats Shake, you will need one cup of oats, banana, milk, nuts. 

Method to make Oats Shake: 

  • To make oats shake, put a glass of milk in the mixer. 
  • Now add banana, oats, nuts like almonds, walnuts and stir. 
  • The shake is ready, you can drink a glass of it daily in the morning. 

Oats increases appetite by consuming oats daily.

There are about 150 calories in a bowl of oats, if you consume oats daily then the appetite will increase and accordingly the weight can increase. Eating oats not only gives energy but also increases weight, oats are rich in fiber, protein, iron. If you take it only with milk daily then your appetite will increase and you will be able to gain weight quickly.

Only a nutritionist or doctor can give better information about how to use oats for weight gain, so you must contact them before adopting the method of weight gain.