Best hair oil for hair growth

Best hair oil for hair growth

Best hair oil for hair growth; Let us know about Best hair oil for hair growth. Healthy hair can make you smart and beautiful, whereas bald head or thin hair can take away a lot from your look. In this era of stress and hectic life, hair fall is a common problem which is experienced by almost everyone, men and women alike.

All the brands of best hair oil coming in the market today have their own claims. When it comes to choosing the best hair oil, “best” creates the most trouble because “best” is different for different people, hair oil that is best for women may not be best for men, hair oil that is best for pregnancy may not be best for feeding, hair oil that is best for daily use may not be best for thyroid hair fall, dandruff, dryness and split ends .

Companies make so much noise about their own brands that a common man does not understand whether to apply other oil or buy Bhringraj oil, Amla or Kalonji oil or essential oil is good or any other carrier oil is good. Some brand is coming for ₹ 100 for 100 ml and some hair oil for ₹ 1000 for 50 ml. In some confusion, a person does not understand which is the best oil for hair.

If you also have the same problem, then this post is only for you. If you want to choose the right hair oil for your hair, then definitely read this post till the end.

Best hair oil for hair growth

Best hair oil for hair growth
Best hair oil for hair growth

1) Samagra Urna Temlam: samagra Urna temlam:

The company has used ingredients like Almond Oil, Bhringraj, Olive Oil, Sisma Oil, Vitamin E , Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Lemon Essentials Oil, Shikakai , Mehandi,  Fenugreek, Neem , Kalonji, Kapoor, Amla, Shikakai, Jatamasi to make this hair oil.

Benefits of hair oil for hair growth:

By using this oil, your hair gets fibro components which prevent your hair from falling. Use of a small quantity provides adequate nourishment to the hair .

2) HEARBCIENCE keromin hair oil: Herbs Science Keromin Hair Oil:

To make this oil, the company has used Bhringraj, Sisma Oil, Lo Bhasma, Fenugreek, Peanut, Coconut Oil, Grifla Kareli etc.

I have placed this oil of HEARBCIENCE at number 2 because you can use this product in pregnancy and breast-feeding as well. Sesma oil mixed in it is called the queen of oils. Apart from this, you will not see such a clear ingredients list in any product. You will find it clearly written on this product, which ingredients the company has added and how many percent.

By using this oil, you get Vitamin E, C, Omega fatty acid, Vitamin A, Amino acid, Iodine, Mineral . Hair growth also increases with these. You get this hair oil for ₹ 250/100ml.

3) Mist & dew hair therapy oil: Mist & dew hair oil:

Cold pressed coconut oil, almond oil, custard oil, vitamin E and rosemary essential oils, extracts from, 18 herbs like amla, onion, curry leaves, hibiscus etc. to make this oil.

This hair oil has been prepared by the company with a mixture of two best hair oils and herbs.

I have put this great hair product at number 3 for only one reason because the company says that 18 different ingredients have been put in it but their names are not visible in the product list.

4) Wow 10 in 1 miracle hair oil: Wow 10 in 1 miracle hair oil:

To make this, cold pressed extra virgin oil, hormones, argan, jojoba, grape seed and safflower oil, bhringraj extract, vitamin E, and rosemary tea tree as it essential oil are also part of this hair oil.

You can apply this hair oil made from a mixture of fine carrier oil essential oil very easily because with its spray you can easily apply hair oil on the hair.

Wow 10 in 1 miracle hair oil benifits:

With its use, the hair becomes strong and shiny, as well as the problem of hair fall problem will also be removed. The company has not added any herbs to this hair oil. That’s why I put it at number 4. You get this hair oil for ₹ 399/200ml.

5) Eco cradle hair oil: Eco cradle hair oil

Coconut oil, rice bran oil, rosemary, peppermint, lavender oil, almond oil are used to make this oil. Made from the mixture of all these hair oils, this one eco cradle hair oil is capable of removing all kinds of hair problems like hair fall , dandruff, split ends along with adequate nutrition.

Eco cradle hair oil review: Eco cradle hair oil review:

The Eco Cradle Hair Oil bottle is so beautiful that you can gift it to someone without worrying. The wet fragrance will be felt only after applying it on your hair. The price is a bit high that’s why I have put it at number 5. You will get this hair oil for ₹ 520/100ml.


In today’s post, 5 Hair Oils have been mentioned, out of which no hair oil should be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding except HEARBCIENCE brand number 2. At this time, you should use such hair oil in which you can also cook your food like coconut, mustard, and almond oil, all these hair oil brands can be used by children or old people above 8 years of age, women and men.

If you do not have any problem related to hair and you use these hair oil brands then there will be no problem related to hair in future also and if you have any problem then you should consult your doctor immediately.

How should hair oil be used:

You should always use oil when your scalp is clean, if you live in a covered area, or a housewife where you are not exposed to pollution or dusty soil then you should apply hair oil at night and if you are exposed to dusty soil then you should use hair oil only after shampooing your hair.

Use hair oil only when your scalp is clean. Hair should be washed only after at least 3 to 6 hours after applying hair oil, before applying hair oil to the hair, heat it slightly so that it can reach the scalp easily, apply oil from the roots to the ends of the hair. Massage lightly for 10 to 15 minutes, then tie a light cloth on the hair so that the hair oil reaches the hair roots easily, but keep in mind that you do not have to tie a thick towel.

What are the things to be kept in mind while applying hair oil?

Do not massage too fast while applying oil to hair. Comb should also not be used after applying hair oil. If you have applied hair oil at night, do not tie your hair while sleeping.

How many times a week should hair oil be applied?

If your hair is very dry, then two to three times a week and if the hair is normal, then oil must be used in the hair at least once or twice a week. By the way, if you want, you can apply oil to your hair every day, there is no problem in this.

You should wash your hair within 24 hours after applying hair oil. It is not good to keep oil in hair for a long time and always keep in mind that when the hair is wet, do not use hair oil on it.

Causes of hair fall:

Hair loss in men and women can have many causes. If you identify the cause of your hair loss, you will be able to develop a treatment to combat the problem. Some of the major reasons for hair loss include –

1. Male pattern baldness (genetics)

Men’s hair actually falls out faster and sooner than women’s. Statistics show that 50 percent of all men over the age of 50 are affected by male pattern baldness. After the age of 35, you will soon notice severe hair loss and treatment is needed to deal with it.

2. Stress:
Hair loss can be due to stress, mental, physical or emotional reasons. Flu, surgery, or illness or any physical injury can disrupt the natural growth cycle of hair and cause hair loss. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium, and it is fairly temporary.

3. Lifestyle

Waking up late at night, smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, always being on the go make life difficult and disrupt the cycle of hair growth. Since your body and mind don’t work in sync and you sleep and rest less when you are stressed, it affects your hair.

4. Chronic Disease

Diseases like thyroid, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc can cause hair loss in both men and women. Treating these diseases through medication and taking care of your hair is your best defense against hair loss.

5. Pollution

People who usually stay out in the sun and dust on the roads, they experience hair fall due to pollution.

Excessive use of chemicals: Fashion hair treatments like straightening, rebounding, hair colour, highlighting can all weaken your hair follicles, leading to hair fall.

Hair loss in women after pregnancy:

As the pregnancy hormones kick back after delivery, hair that was in a resting state during pregnancy begins to fall out. Rest assured, this is only for a short time, and with proper care, your hair should start growing back.

6. Medicines

Some drugs used to treat serious diseases directly affect the hair and cause hair loss. Medications used to treat depression, clots, and epilepsy can cause hair loss.

Sometimes, more than one factor can contribute to thinning hair and result in a bald head. Nevertheless, there are some effective oils now available in India that can help you get back your pride and fight hair fall. With the help of hair oil which we have told you above, you can stop the hair fall.

How to choose good oil for hair?

It is very important to choose the right oil for hair care .

Hair oil has innumerable benefits, it is the diet for your hair and scalp, without which your hair cannot survive. Applying oil to hair regularly will keep the shine of your hair intact and hair fall will also stop. It also gives volume and shine to your hair. But with so many hair oils available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best product. However, you can always keep the following points in mind while buying the best hair oil for your scalp.

If you have dry hair, you can use oils containing extracts of almond, shea butter and coconut oil.

If your hair is naturally oily, you can look for oils that contain olive, sesame, and jojoba extracts.

Important ingredients to keep in mind while buying Hair Oil :

  • Aloe Vera
  • Argan
  • vegetable glycerin
  • Castor Seed OilAvocado
  • Madhu
  • tree tea oil

We hope that the above list of oils and oils that prevent hair fall will help you in making your choice keeping in mind your hair type, hair concerns and budget. Regularly massaging your hair with your chosen anti-hair fall oil for hair regrowth will help you regain your lost hair.

Oiling is an important step in getting beautiful, shiny, healthy and thick hair. There are differences in the way men and women apply oil to their hair, but the causes and thinning patterns may also differ. Always use a good brand of sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair after oiling. Keep in mind that results can be seen only after using the oil for some time for repeated use. Also, everyone’s hair is different, so it works differently for hair treatments.