Benefits of Tulsi Extract

Benefits of Tulsi Extract

Benefits of Tulsi Extract
Benefits of Tulsi Extract

Where on the one hand Tulsi is used in many religious works. On the other hand, it is also known for its medicinal properties. There are many benefits of Tulsi as well as the benefits of Tulsi extract are also many. In such a situation, in this article of Health life line, we have brought information about the benefits of Tulsi extract. Here we will not only tell the benefits of Shri Tulsi Ark, but also tell how to make it. So, read the article till the end for the benefits of Tulsi extract and the important information related to it.

What is Tulsi Extract?

Tulsi extract is called basil juice, which is obtained from the leaves of basil and its plant. It has various medicinal properties. Tulsi extract is helpful in improving the immunity power, keeping the level of sugar in the blood balanced. Along with this, anti-pyretic (fever reducer), anti-cancer, anti-fungal properties are also present in it. Due to this, many types of benefits have been told in Ayurveda. Next we will elaborate on the benefits of Tulsi extract for health.

After knowing what is Tulsi extract, now we are going to tell about the benefits of Tulsi extract in this article.

Benefits of Tulsi extract

The properties and benefits of basil extract are many, about which we have given further detail in the article. However, keep in mind that the benefits of basil extract can prevent disease or reduce its symptoms. Do not make the mistake of considering them as a complete cure for any serious disease, because it may not eliminate the health problem from the root. So let’s know about the benefits of basil extract, which are as follows:

1. Increase immunity

Basil extract can be considered beneficial for increasing immunity. Actually, it has immunomodulatory properties, which can be helpful in improving the functioning of the immune system. In such a situation, it can be said that the properties of Tulsi or Tulsi extract can be beneficial for those who have weak immunity. So adding basil in foods to improve immunity can be a good option.

2. Avoidance of stress

In today’s busy life, the problem of stress has become common. In such a situation, Tulsi tea can be included in the diet to reduce stress to some extent. Actually, Tulsi has stress-reducing properties. Tulsi has anti-stress properties, which can be helpful in preventing stress. Not only this, basil can be helpful in keeping the mind calm by removing toxic elements from the body. So tea made from basil extract can be beneficial.

3. Control Blood Sugar

Basil extract may be beneficial for controlling blood sugar . Actually, it has anti-diabetic properties, which can be helpful in controlling the increased blood sugar level. In such a situation, it can be said that the consumption of basil extract can be effective in controlling blood sugar. However, if someone is taking diabetes medicine, then definitely consult a doctor before consuming basil extract or basil.

4. Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a serious disease, the only remedy for which is medical treatment. However, cancer prevention is to some extent possible. In such a situation, by including basil in your routine, you can reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. Actually, basil or basil extract has anti-cancer properties, which can reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. In addition, it can be helpful in detoxifying the body and removing cancer-causing elements. On this basis, it can be believed that the consumption of basil extract can be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer to some extent.

5. Reduce Inflammation

Basil extract can be useful to prevent inflammation. The information related to this mentions that ursolic acid present in basil extracts may exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it can prevent or be effective in preventing health problems caused by inflammation.

6. Improve Heart Health

Basil extracts have cardioprotective properties. This quality present in it can be effective in preventing heart related problems by keeping the heart healthy. In addition, basil extract may also be beneficial in protecting against heart disease caused by stress. In such a situation, to keep the heart healthy, definitely include Tulsi in your lifestyle.

7. For Weight Loss

Use of basilextracts weight loss to be raised. In a research published on the NCBI website, obese animals were fed a supplement containing basil for 8 weeks, after which a change in their weight was observed. However, it is difficult to tell which properties of basil extract are effective in reducing weight. In such a situation, it can be believed that adding Tulsi tea to the diet along with a balanced diet and exercise can be useful in reducing weight.

8. For the stomach

Tulsi extract can be beneficial for many stomach related problems . Consuming basil can be beneficial in improving digestive health and in the problem of stomach pain. Along with this, the consumption of basil or basil extract can also be useful in the problem of indigestion.

9. Brighten Skin

Using basil extract can be considered beneficial to get rid of skin related problems to some extent. Its extracts have antioxidant effects. It contains elements called eugenol and luteolin, which can provide relief in skin problems along with reducing oxidative stress. In addition, basil extract may also be useful for mild to moderate skin problems. Keep in mind that in severe skin conditions, prefer medical treatment instead of basil extract.

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After knowing the benefits of basil extract, now we are going to tell about the nutrients found in it.

Nutritional Elements of Tulsi Extract

As we mentioned, different types of nutrients are found in basil extract. In such a situation, here we are giving information about the amount of nutrients present in basil, because basil extract is extracted from its leaves. On this basis, it can be said that the nutrients of basil can also be found in its extracts, which are as follows:

NutrientsQuantity per 100 grams
Water92.1 grams
Energy23 kcal
protein3.15 grams
Total lipid (fat)0.64 grams
ash1.49 grams
Carbohydrate2.65 grams
fiber, total dietary1.6 grams
Sugar0.3 g
calcium177 mg
Iron3.17 mg
magnesium64 mg
Phosphorus56 mg
potassium295 mg
sodium4 mg
zinc0.81 mg
Copper0.835 mg
manganese1.15 mg
selenium0.3 micrograms
vitamin C 18 mg
thiamine0.034 mg
riboflavin0.076 mg
niacin0.902 mg
pantothenic acid0.209 mg
Vitamin B60.155 mg
folate, total68 micrograms
Colin, Total11.4 mg
betaine0.4 mg
Vitamin A, RAE264 µg
carotene, beta3140 micrograms
cryptoxanthin, beta46 micrograms
Vitamin A, IU5280 IU
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)0.8 mg
Vitamin K415 micrograms
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated0.041 grams
Fatty Acid Total Monounsaturated0.088 grams
Fatty Acid Total Polyunsaturated0.389 grams
Benefits of Tulsi Extract

How to Use Tulsi Ark

How can basil extract be used. We are giving information about this below. The way to take Tulsi extract is as follows:

  • Tulsi extract can be used by adding it to a cup of normal or lukewarm water.
  • For the benefits of Tulsi juice, it can be consumed by mixing it in tea or milk.
  • Tulsi extract can be applied directly on the skin.
  • You can also apply basil extract by mixing it in a face pack.

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In the next part of the article, we are going to tell about how to make basil extract at home.

easy way to make basil extract

If you have a Tulsi plant in your house, try to use only fresh leaves to make its extract. At the same time, for Tulsi extract benefits, it can be easily prepared in the following way:


  • a bowl of basil leaves
  • a glass of water

Method of making:

  • First of all, take a small bowl of basil leaves.
  • Then wash them thoroughly with water.
  • Now take a glass of drinking water in a pan and put it on the gas.
  • Then add washed basil leaves to it.
  • After this, make a little space between the basil leaves put in the pan.
  • Then put a heavy bowl on that empty space.
  • After that cover the pan with an inverted lid.
  • Inverted, pour some cold water over the lid as well.
  • You can also add ice cubes if you want.
  • Now let it cook on low flame for 20-25 minutes in steam.
  • The water will collect in the bowl by becoming steam for a period of time.
  • Now take it out in an empty vessel and keep it to cool down.
  • Then you can consume it.
  • If you want, while heating the water, put basil leaves in it and let it boil.
  • When the leaves boil well, then filter them and consume them.


Apart from the benefits of Tulsi extract, it also has disadvantages, which we are going to tell below.

Side Effects of Tulsi extract

Benefits of Tulsi Extract
Benefits of Tulsi Extract

Tulsi is definitely beneficial, but along with the benefits of Tulsi juice, it also has its disadvantages. If anything is not consumed in limited quantity according to health and circumstances, then its side effects can also occur-

  • Those people who have the problem of low blood sugar should not consume basil extracts. This may increase the risk of low blood sugar levels.
  • Excessive consumption of basil extracts can thin the blood, which can lead to bleeding problems.
  • Tulsi has antifertility effects. Due to this, its excessive use can also cause low sperm count in men.
  • Apart from this, people with sensitive skin must do a patch test before using its extract on the face. This can make them prone to allergies and rashes.

Knowing the benefits of Tulsi juice, you must have come to know how beneficial it is for us. If you do not have a Tulsi plant, then bring a small plant to your home as soon as possible, so that you do not have to go here and there to find it when needed. The advantages and disadvantages of basil extracts are explained in detail in this article. Hope you liked this article. Make everyone aware of the benefits of Tulsi extract by sharing it with others.

Frequently asked questions:

How much basil extract should be taken?

Health advisors may recommend consuming a small spoonful of basil extract daily. However, its quantity can change according to the health and age of the person. At the same time, 250 mg capsules of basil extract can also be consumed on the advice of a doctor.

Is Basil Extract Good for Cough?

Yes, basil extract is good for cough.

Can we drink Tulsi water daily?

Excessive consumption of anything can cause harm instead of its benefit. In such a situation, it is better to consume basil water only occasionally instead of every day.

How to use Tulsi Drops?

Basil leaves increase the immunity of the body. This is the reason that regular consumption of Tulsi reduces the risk of infectious diseases such as colds etc. Consumption method: To increase immunity power, drink one to two drops of basil extract mixed in a glass of water daily.

Which basil is good?

In terms of health, Shyama Tulsi i.e. Tulsi with some black color is considered better. On the other hand, Rama Tulsi, which looks absolutely green, is used to cure diseases like spicy and bitter, hot, mild, digestive, sweating and cold and cough in children.

How to take Tulsi extract?

One drop of basil extract in a glass of water or two drops in a liter of water should be drunk after five minutes. Due to this, drinking water becomes free from toxins and microbes and becomes a healthy drink. Tulsi is a great anti-venom and removes the poison from the body. Tulsi enhances memory power.

How to eat basil seeds?

Basil seeds can also improve your digestion. (Basil Seed For Improve Digestion) To consume them, you soak basil seeds in water at night and consume it empty stomach (Empty Stomach) in the morning. By doing this you can avoid many diseases.

How many basil is there in the world?

There are more than 150 species of this plant of Lamiaceae cool in the world. Its basic nature and properties are the same. Tulsi is a plant of immense medicinal use.

Which Tulsi should be planted at home?

Tulsi plant can also be kept in the west direction. It is worth noting that Shyama Tulsi is always kept in the south-west and in the south.

Which is a Tulsi plant?

Basil – (Ocimum sactum) is a dicotyledonous and herbaceous, medicinal plant. Tulsi plant is considered sacred in Hinduism and people plant it on the patio or door of their house or in the garden.

How to make Tulsi plant green?

Put weeds at the bottom of the pot, mix compost soil over it and then plant a basil plant in it. Mix only one teaspoon of Gypsum Salt in a liter of water and sprinkle on the leaves and soil of the plant. This will keep the plant completely green.

What happens if you eat basil leaves on an empty stomach?

Eat a basil leaf on an empty stomach in the morning, it will give you relief from cold and cough in a few days. Immunity Booster- It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it protects your body from various infections. It fights against harmful bacteria and viruses.

What happens if you eat basil seeds?

Basil seeds balance cholesterol levels in the body, thereby reducing high blood pressure and stress, the main causes of heart attack. These seeds increase the lipid level in the body and provide protection to the heart. These seeds have anti-spasmodic properties, which provide relief in diseases like cough and cold.

Is basil hot?

Along with this, the effect of basil is also hot. Due to this there is a problem of burning in the stomach. Acidity problem- Due to the hot effect of basil, it causes acidity problem. Consuming it in excess can cause stomach irritation and pain.

What is the price of black basil?

The seeds of this basil are bought and brought from Neemuch and Mandsaur. This seed is available at Rs 500 to 600 per kg, whereas after producing it the seed is sold for Rs 35 thousand to 40 thousand per quintal.

Whose avatar is Tulsi?

It is written in religious texts that Tulsi ji is the consort of Lord Vishnu, who is the form of Mother Lakshmi.

On which day to plant Tulsi?

According to Hindu beliefs, according to the Hindu calendar, a Tulsi plant should be planted on Thursday in the month of Kartik.

On which day should the Tulsi plant be planted?

According to the Puranas, happiness, prosperity and good fortune remain in the house where Tulsi is worshiped on the days of Adhikmas. The best month to plant Tulsi plant in the house is of Kartik.

Should Shivling be kept in Tulsi?

Ketki flowers, basil, vermilion and turmeric are unpleasant to Lord Shankar. That is why these things should not be offered on Shivling.

Can Tulsi plant be planted on the terrace?

It is believed that by planting a Tulsi plant, happiness and prosperity remain in the house. … Many people keep the Tulsi plant in their terrace or balcony, that is why there is good sunlight in Tulsi. Keeping a Tulsi plant on the roof in Vastu causes a defect. This weakens the position of Mercury in your horoscope.

What happens if milk is offered in Tulsi?

Offer sweets, raw milk and sweets to Tulsi for two days in a month, all problems can be overcome. According to Hindu beliefs, in the houses where there is a Tulsi plant, there remains the blessings of all the Gods and Goddesses, which brings happiness and peace in the house. Ujjain’s astrologer Pt.

Which fertilizer should be applied to Tulsi plant?

Cow dung acts as a very good manure. To put cow dung in the Tulsi plant, dry it and make its powder-like form. It will act as Natural Fertilizer For Plants, which will easily plant Tulsi plant in the home garden. This plant will grow quickly and it will also remain green in every season.

Why does basil dry?

It has been mentioned in Hindu scriptures and scriptures that drying or wilting of Tulsi plant is an inauspicious sign. It is believed that in the house where Tulsi resides, if any problem is going to come there, Tulsi first takes its heat on itself and dries up.

What happens if a woman is fed basil seeds?

Sexual debility and impotence can also be removed by regular use of basil seeds. Often women complain of irregularity in periods.

What is the effect of Tulsi?

Tulsi has a hot effect, because of this, consuming it in excess can cause severe burning in the stomach.

How much is Tulsa oil per kg?

On good yield 50 kg of oil comes out. The market price of oil is seven hundred to one thousand rupees per kg.

How Tulsi Mata originated?

How Tulsi originated, according to religious stories, it is said that the nectar that was found on the earth during the churning of the ocean by the gods and the demons, was the result of the origin of Tulsi. There are mainly three types of Tulsi – Krishna Tulsi, White Tulsi and Ram Tulsi, out of which Krishna Tulsi is considered to be the most loved.

Which five things should not be kept near Tulsi?

If you have no other place except to keep Tulsi ji on the terrace, then definitely do a special remedy. Never keep Tulsi alone. Always keep it with the banana plant.

Should a lamp be lit in Tulsi on Sunday?

You can offer water to Tulsi on Sunday, but you cannot light a lamp under it. Never offer Tulsi to Lord Ganesha and Maa Durga. Apart from this, keep in mind that wherever Tulsi plant has been planted, never litter there. Tulsi plant can be planted on any Thursday.

Which mantra should be chanted while giving water to Tulsi?

If this special mantra is uttered while offering water to the Tulsi plant, then the boon of prosperity increases 1000 times. Get rid of disease, grief, sickness etc. Aadhi Vyadhi Hara Nityam, Tulsi Tvam Namostute.

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