Benefits of Kateri

Benefits of Kateri

Benefits of Kateri
Benefits of Kateri

Many types of herbs have been used in Ayurveda over the years. Many herbs are there in front of us, but due to lack of information, we are not able to use them properly. One such herb is Kateri i.e. Bhattaiya, whose use can help in keeping the body away from many diseases.  let’s see Benefits of Kateri ..

What is Kateri

Kateri is a prickly herb. Its scientific name is Solanum xanthocarpum, which comes from the Solanaceae family. In English it is known as Yellow Berried Nightshade. Apart from this, there are other names of this herb, such as – Kantakari, Kshudra, Kantakarika, Dhvani, Vile Eggplant, Katai etc. The fruits of Kateri are round in shape, which are edible. At the same time, its

Benefits of Kateri

Here we are telling the benefits of Kateri in a sequential manner, but before that we want to make it clear that do not mistake Kateri as a complete cure for any serious disease. It can only prevent diseases to some extent and reduce its symptoms. Now read the benefits of Kateri:

1. Beneficial in epilepsy

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes frequent seizures. In such a situation, the benefits of Kateri can be seen to avoid this problem. In a research related to this, it has been clearly told that the plant of Kateri can be used for the treatment of epilepsy. Actually, Kateri contains a compound called solasodine, which can be of great help in the treatment of epilepsy. Apart from this, the leaves of this plant may exhibit anti-convulsant properties, which may help to some extent in preventing epileptic seizures. Although this research has been done on rats and chicks, its effect on humans still needs more research.

2. For cough

Kateri can be considered extremely beneficial for the treatment of cough problem. Research on this has been told that the root of Kateri has expectorant, which is why it is used as an Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of cough. Apart from this, the ability to remove phlegm has also been confirmed in the seeds of Kateri. On this basis, it can be said that the use of small cutlets can prove to be beneficial for getting relief from cough.

3. For Liver

The benefits of Kateri can also be seen for liver related problems. It is said that Kantkari can be a very good tonic for the liver. A decoction made from it can prove beneficial in removing inflammation and infection of the liver. In addition, another NCBI research found that Cetary may exhibit hepatoprotective activity, which may play an important role in protecting against liver damage. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that Cateri can prove to be helpful in keeping the liver healthy.

4. Beneficial in Pregnancy

The problem of morning sickness ie nausea and vomiting is considered very common during pregnancy. In such a situation, the benefits of Kateri can be seen to get relief from this problem. Research related to this provides information that the use of Kateri can prove to be useful in the problem of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy . Additionally, it has also been reported that Kateri can also improve the chances of conceiving. At the same time, according to another research, there is an abortifacient substance in the seeds of Kateri, that is, it can cause abortion . In such a situation, before consuming Kateri during pregnancy, please consult a doctor once.

5. For Toothache

According to the research published on the website of NCBI, Kateri can also prove to be beneficial for getting rid of toothache. It has been told in this research that the use of Kateri can provide relief from toothache. Apart from this, another research mentions that keteri has analgesic ie pain-relieving properties. The use of the smoke of its seeds can prove beneficial in relieving toothache as well as gingivitis and pain .

6. For Fever

Antipyretic is also the medicinal property of Bhattaiya, which can play an important role in reducing fever. According to research related to this, the root of Kateri can prove beneficial in the treatment of fever. Not only this, research has also been told that if its juice is mixed with whey and ginger, then even fever can be relieved.

7. For Asthma

The use of Kateri can also prove to be helpful in getting relief from the problem of asthma. Research related to this confirms this. It has been told in this research that the anti-asthmatic properties (reducing the symptoms of asthma) are considered medicinal properties of Bhattaiya. On this basis, it can be assumed that the use of Kateri can be useful in reducing the symptoms of asthma or asthma to a great extent.

8. To Prevent Allergies

White kateri or chhoti kateri can also be used to prevent the problem of allergies. Actually, information is received from a research about this, in which it has been told that anti-allergic properties ie anti-allergic properties are present in Kateri. This is the reason why Kateri has been considered beneficial to prevent the problem of allergies.

9. Preventing Cancer

Kateri has also been found beneficial in preventing serious problems like cancer. In this regard, a research has been published on the website of NCBI, in which it has been told that along with anti-oxidant properties (protective from free radicals) as well as anti-cancer properties (prevents the growth of cancer) can also exhibit . At the same time, let us tell you that cancer is a serious disease, do not mistake such home remedies as its complete treatment. To prevent this, medical treatment is necessary.

10. For Hair

The benefits of Bhattaiya can also be seen for hair care. The research on this clearly mentions that the use of keteri can be beneficial to reduce the problem of hair loss. However, which properties of it work behind this, at the moment more research needs to be done about this.

Nutritional Elements of Kateri

Many types of nutritious elements are present in keteri, such as copper, iron, zinc, lead, cadmium, flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids.( isochlorogenic, neochronogenic, chronogenic, caffeic acids, solasonine ) etc.

The right way to eat Kateri

Kateri or white Kateri can be consumed in the following ways –

The fruits of Kateri can be washed and eaten directly.

The dried fruit of Kateri can also be eaten.

Kateri can also be used in the form of a decoction.

Kateri can also be consumed in the form of powder.

When to eat and how much to eat: To get the benefits of Bhattaiya, it can be consumed in the morning, afternoon or at night. Talking about the amount of its intake there, it can be consumed up to 5,00 mg / kg. However, it can change according to the health and age of the person. In such a situation, it would be better to take medical advice about this once before consuming white keteri or small keteri.

Side Effects of Kateri

You have already understood about how the medicinal properties of Bhattaiya can benefit health. On the other hand, if we talk about the loss of Kateri, then mixed results are seen on this. A research clearly mentions that there is no adverse effect from using Bhattaiya as a medicine. At the same time, another research has been told that some conditions can lead to poisoning by its consumption. In addition, the extract of kateri leaves has the effect of lowering blood sugar. Therefore, people undergoing treatment for diabetes should seek medical advice before consuming it.

Usually minor physical problems can be cured through herbs like Kateri. This is the reason why we keep giving information to our readers about the medicinal properties of herbs. Here we have told both the benefits of Bhattaiya and the medicinal properties of Bhattaiya, so that you must have understood how its use can benefit the body. However, we recommend that people suffering from serious problems must consult a doctor before consuming it.

Frequently asked questions

Can Kateri be consumed daily?

Yes, Kateri can be consumed daily.

What are the disadvantages of Kateri?

According to the research done on Kateri, its harm is negligible. However, people suffering from serious problems must consult a doctor before consuming it.

Can Kateri be consumed on an empty stomach?

There is a lack of research about whether Kateri can be consumed on an empty stomach or not. In such a situation, before consuming it on an empty stomach, take medical advice.

How long does the effect of Kateri take?

It is a bit difficult to tell how long the effect of Kateri can be. Actually, it depends on the severity of the problem. If Kateri is being consumed for some minor problem, then it can be cured in a short time.

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