Benefits of Kalonji

Benefits of Kalonji

Benefits of Kalonji: Hello friends, in today’s post, we are going to discuss the benefits and harms of fennel with you in detail and see what are the benefits of eating this seed and does it have any side effects or not.
Kalonji is a well-known spice, which helps in giving a nice aroma to the dishes. It is good for health and also has many medicinal properties. It is an excellent natural remedy to cure many diseases like diabetes, absent-mindedness, heart disease, constipation, skin diseases, blood pressure and pain. Kalonji seeds and oil also help in boosting our immune system, and fight various pathogens that enter your body. Apart from this, it can also fight allergies. Some studies also show that it is helpful in preventing cancer. Kalonji oil is the most beneficial oil as compared to other oils. Kalonji oil helps in the treatment of arthritis, and is also good for the heart and liver.

About Kalonji Seeds

Benefits of Kalonji
Benefits of Kalonji

Kalonji is the black seed of the Nigella sativa plant, and is often called black cumin. Botanically, it is an evergreen plant of the family Ranunculaceae.

Kalonji is an integral part of your kitchen as a spice. It is used in most popular Indian dishes like Kadhi, Samosa, Dal, Papdi and Kachori.

It is used in many forms like fennel oil, roasted seeds and raw seeds etc. Although they have a bitter taste when eaten raw, they are added to dishes to enhance their taste.

Nutrition Value of Kalonji Seeds

Kalonji are small black seeds, which have high nutritional value. Kalonji seed or black seed is rich in nutrients and contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils. Kalonji oil is much better than other oils and contains essential fatty acids.

Kalonji is also rich in vitamins, which include- Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin B-2, Niacin and Vitamin-C. It also contains various minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and selenium. The active ingredients found in it are linoleic acid, oleic acid, thymoquinone and nigelone.

Nutrients per 100 grams

  • Calories – 345
  • Total Fat – 15 grams
  • Sodium – 88 mg
  • Potassium – 1,694 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates – 52 grams
  • Protein – 16 grams

vitamins and minerals

  • 2%- Vitamin A
  • 1.19- Calcium
  • 35%- Vitamin C
  • 92%- Iron
  • 25%- Vitamin B6
  • 96%- Magnesium

Benefits and harms of Kalonji

Friends, till now we have told you about Kalonji and gave information about its nutrients, now let’s go ahead and first we will see its benefits and then after that in the end what can be its side effects Will also discuss about it. .

benefits of eating kalonji

Kalonji Benefits

The best health benefits of fennel seeds and oil are mentioned below.

1. Improve Memory and Concentration

Taking Kalonji seed oil with honey improves your intellectual level. It also enhances your ability to remember and you can take it at any age.

It is very useful for older people, as memory loss is a common problem with age. It also improves your concentration power and treats neurological diseases.

2. For Diabetics

Diabetes is increasing very fast. Kalonji seeds are a very effective medicine for diabetics to cure diabetes naturally. It helps in regulating your blood sugar level.

Diabetic patients can consume black tea mixed with fennel oil. This decoction can also be consumed on an empty stomach for best results.

3. For Heart Health

Heart is an important part of our body and it is very important to keep the heart healthy. Kalonji seeds are very good for your heart. It protects you from various types of heart diseases.

It helps in promoting heart health by controlling the level of bad cholesterol in your body. To get the best results, you can mix Kalonji oil in milk and consume it regularly.

4. As a Natural Pain Reliever

Pain is a very common problem in today’s world and why take any medicine when you can cure your problem naturally without any side effects? Kalonji is a natural pain reliever, which can quickly relieve your pain without any side effects.

It is best used to get rid of headache. You can apply Kalonji oil on your forehead and get rid of your pain quickly. Its oil is also used for joint pain.

5. Good for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects the vital organs of the body. To control its effect, people chew a lot of pills, which can further affect the kidneys and other organs.

Its symptoms can be controlled naturally with the help of fennel seeds. Kalonji seed oil is also helpful in reducing the level of bad cholesterol which helps in promoting the overall health of the organs.

6. Benefits of Kalonji for Teeth

Teeth are vulnerable to many diseases like plaque, cavities, inflammation of gums, gingivitis, bleeding gums and periodontitis. As you age, your teeth become weak and you may suffer from toothache.

Kalonji seed oil is a great natural remedy to treat your dental ailments. It also helps you to get relief from toothache.

7. For the treatment of cough and cold

Another benefit of consuming Kalonji seed oil is that it helps in curing your cough and cold naturally.

You can consume it by making a decoction of hot water, honey and fennel seeds. You can take its decoction twice a day to kill all the bacteria responsible for cough and cold.

8. Benefits of Kalonji For Weight Loss

Obesity gives rise to many health problems. Studies prove that consuming fennel seeds with hot water helps in weight loss. It helps in reducing the excess fat and makes you slim and trim.

9. For the problem of constipation

Constipation makes you feel tired and uncomfortable throughout the day. It can also affect your appetite. This is the most prominent gastrointestinal disease, which spoils our digestive system.

Kalonji seeds when consumed with black tea can help you cure your constipation problem easier and more efficiently.

10. Kalonji Oil Best for Cracked Heels

As you age, you suffer from the problem of cracked heels. Torn heels look very strange and embarrassing. This is the main problem of people who have dry skin.

You can heal your cracked heels by soaking your feet in warm water with a teaspoon of fennel seed oil and lemon juice. This will help in healing your cracked ankles very quickly.

11. To Boost Immune System

Kalonji seeds help in boosting our immune system. It helps us to stay away from many viral and bacterial infections. Consuming a mixture of honey and Kalonji strengthens your vital organs and bones.

12. For various skin diseases

Kalonji helps in maintaining glowing and clear skin. It eliminates many skin problems like acne, blemishes, dry skin, skin whitening, pigmentation, wrinkles, blemishes, pimples etc.

You can use this oil by adding it to your face pack or mixing it with lemon juice. After doing this remedy, your face will feel fresh and relaxed.

Different ways to use Kalonji seeds

Kalonji proves useful in improving overall health by enhancing the functioning of the heart, liver and lungs. It is also useful in treating asthma.

It is usually consumed roasted or in the form of oil. Kalonji oil is beneficial in the treatment of fever and other types of allergies.

Kalonji seed oil is usually mixed with honey or lemon juice to make it effective.

Honey and Kalonji make a very good combination in the treatment of many diseases like cough and cold, constipation, depressed mood and lung problems. It is also mixed with goat’s milk to improve the functioning of the heart.

Disadvantages of Kalonji

Kalonji is a flavoring spice, and it is very safe for most people. It does not have any side effects when taken in small amounts.

It has good medicinal properties, and should be used for short term (short time). However, if you consume fennel in limited quantity, it provides a lot of protection to the body.

  • Kalonji or black seeds are safe for children when taken in moderation. However, when taken in large amounts, it can lead to diseases such as low blood pressure or low blood sugar, which poses a risk to life.
  • It is safe to include Kalonji in food during pregnancy. But, eating it regularly or consuming it in excess can put the health of the fetus at risk.
  • Not much is known about its effect during breast-feeding. So, to be on the safe side, you should avoid its use during breastfeeding.
  • If you have undergone any surgery or are planning to undergo any surgery, then it should not be included in your diet. During surgery or after surgery, it can pose a risk of bleeding and may interfere with your surgery.
  • Kalonji seeds also slow down the process of clotting. Spices are hot in nature and cause problems if you have a bleeding disorder. This can cause bleeding from the nose.
  • If you are taking fennel seed oil as a medicine for diabetes, you should check your blood sugar level regularly, as it significantly lowers blood sugar levels. Low sugar levels can cause serious health problems.
  • Kalonji oil can also reduce blood pressure significantly, and you should check your BP at regular intervals and stop using it immediately if any side effects occur.