Benefits of Bitter gourd

Benefits of Bitter gourd | Side Effects of Bitter Gourd

Benefits of Bitter gourd

We all know how good the benefits of bitter gourd are for our health. Bitter gourd is counted among the selected healthy vegetables. Many people do not like it due to its bitter taste, but it is beneficial in terms of health. You will be surprised to know that bitter gourd has the ability to reduce the effects and symptoms of many diseases. Keeping this in mind, in this article of health life line, we are going to tell the benefits of bitter gourd for the body. Here you will get important information regarding the benefits of eating bitter gourd to how bitter gourd can be used. While reading the article, the reader must keep in mind that bitter gourd is not a cure for any of the diseases mentioned here, but it can definitely play a supporting role in their treatment.

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What is bitter gourd?

Bitter gourd is a green vegetable and is a member of the squash family. The scientific name of bitter gourd is Momordica Charantia. It is also known as Bitter Melon and Bitter Gord in English. Also, it is called corolla in Bengali, hagalakayi in Kannada and karela in Hindi. It is very popular in Africa, Caribbean, India and Middle Eastern countries. Even though it is bitter to eat, it is full of medicinal properties. How it is beneficial for health, this information is given below.

ow know how this bitter vegetable can be beneficial for health.

Benefits of Bitter gourd

Know below the benefits of bitter gourd for health.

1. Benefits of Eating Bitter gourd for Diabetes

We all know how good the benefits of bitter gourd are for our health. Bitter gourd or bitter gourd juice can be consumed to prevent diabetes. Actually, research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) proves the antidiabetic properties of bitter gourd. This study also surfaced at the eye that bitter Hypoglycemic (Hypoglycemic – blood sugar) effects can appear.

At the same time, the effect of hypoglycemic effect of bitter gourd has also been seen in a research done on animals. How effective its effect will be on humans, more research is needed on this subject. As a home remedy for diabetes, it can be consumed in balanced quantity on medical advice.

2. Benefits of Bitter gourd for Weight Loss

Do you know the benefits of bitter gourd for weight loss. Bitter gourd can also play an effective role as a home remedy for weight loss. Actually, a scientific research has seen the benefits of bitter gourd for increasing weight. The findings of the study found that bitter gourd had antiobesity (obesity-reducing properties) effect in rats consuming high fat, which inhibited weight gain. Along with this, an increase in lipid metabolism was found. At the moment, its effect on humans still requires further research.

3. Medicinal properties of bitter gourd to prevent cancer

Talking about the medicinal properties of bitter gourd, it can also help in reducing the risk of cancer. Studies related to bitter gourd have revealed that bitter gourd has properties to reduce the risk of cancer. Ayurveda has also been talked about in research. According to Ayurveda, bitter gourd can also be used in the treatment of diseases like cancer.

Research has said that the use of bitter gourd can reduce the risk of cancer by inhibiting the formation of cancer cells. It may help protect against prostate cancer and colon cancer. However, readers should keep in mind that cancer is a serious disease, so consumption of bitter gourd alone is incapable of curing this disease. It is better that people should give first priority to medical treatment for cancer and consume bitter gourd only after consulting the doctor.

4. Benefits of Eating Bitter gourd for Liver

Bitter gourd can act as a good detoxifying agent for the liver, which can help cleanse the body naturally. Actually, a research done on rats has revealed its hepatoprotective effect. Also, its benefits can be seen in diseases like fatty liver. Fatty liver is a problem in which fat starts accumulating in the liver. It has been seen that excessive alcohol consumption can also cause this problem. The benefits of bitter gourd can be seen here. According to a research from National Taiwan University, bitter gourd extract may show positive effects on alcoholic fatty liver disease by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. According to another research, bitter gourd can help prevent the accumulation of fat during the progression of fatty liver disease.

5. Benefits of Bitter gourd for Cholesterol

Cholesterol can cause heart diseases or increase the risk of heart attack. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to consume those foods, which can help in balancing or reducing the level of cholesterol. Bitter gourd can prove beneficial here. According to a research based on this topic, rats consuming a cholesterol-rich diet were given a supplement of bitter gourd extract. This resulted in a reduction in their cholesterol and triglycerides (a type of fat present in the blood). This study suggests that bitter gourd extract can be supplemented in food products for hypercholesterolemia (a condition of high cholesterol). At the moment, more research is needed for its effect on humans.

6. Benefits of Bitter gourd for Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Bitter gourd can also be beneficial in problems like constipation and piles. Actually, bitter gourd has food-digesting properties, which can help ease bowel movements. Also it can leave a positive effect on piles. In a research done on patients with piles, it was seen that the extract of bitter gourd leaves can help in relieving constipation by making bowel movements easier. Constipation is also one of the causes of piles, so it can be said that bitter gourd juice can prove to be helpful in constipation as well as piles. Bitter gourd leaves juice can be taken on medical advice for constipation and piles. For now, more research is needed on this.

7. Benefits of Bitter gourd for eyes

Bitter gourd can also be beneficial for the eyes. Actually, this has come to the fore in a research conducted by the Mudigere College of Horticulture, Karnataka. Research has said that the beta carotene present in it can protect against the risk of eye diseases. Not only this, it can also help in increasing eyesight.

8. Benefits of Bitter gourd for Inflammation

Bitter gourd also has anti-inflammatory properties. In such a situation, its consumption can prove to be helpful in protecting against the risk of inflammation. More research is needed on how beneficial it may be in problems caused by inflammation.

9. Bitter gourd benefits for skin

Bitter gourd can be beneficial not only for health, but also for the skin. In fact, according to a research done on rabbits published on the website of NCBI, skin cream containing bitter gourd extract can prove to be effective for wounds. The rabbits who used this cream in the study showed rapid improvement in their wounds. In addition, a good amount of vitamin C is also found in it. This research has been done on animals, its effect on humans still needs more study.

After knowing the benefits of bitter gourd, know further which nutrients are present in it.

Nutritional Elements of Bitter gourd

Below we are sharing a list of nutritious elements present in bitter gourd.

Water94.03 grams
Energy17 kcl
protein1 gram
Total lipid (fat)0.17 grams
Carbohydrate3.7 grams
fiber, total dietary2.8 grams
calcium19 mg
Iron0.43 mg
magnesium17 mg
Phosphorus31 mg
potassium296 mg
sodium5 mg
zinc0.8 mg
Copper0.034 mg
manganese0.089 mg
selenium0.2 µg
vitamin C84 mg
thiamine0.04 mg
riboflavin0.04 mg
niacin0.4 mg
pantothenic acid0.212 mg
Vitamin B60.043 mg
folate, total72 micrograms
Vitamin A, RAE24 micrograms
carotene, beta190 micrograms
carotene, alpha185 micrograms
Vitamin A, IU471 IU
Lutein + Zeaxanthin170 micrograms
Benefits of Bitter gourd

In this part of the article, we are telling some easy ways to use bitter gourd

How to Use Bitter Gourd

  • Know below easy ways to use bitter gourd.
  • Bitter gourd vegetable can be made.
  • Bitter gourd pickle can be made.
  •  You can drink bitter gourd juice.
  • Bitter gourd juice can be applied to the hair.

The benefits of bitter gourd are many, but if it is used excessively, then it can also have some disadvantages. Therefore, below we are giving information about some of the disadvantages of bitter gourd.

Side Effects of Bitter Gourd

Benefits of Bitter gourd

Along with the benefits of bitter gourd, the disadvantages of bitter gourd are also many, which are mentioned below.

Do not consume bitter gourd during pregnancy. Bitter gourd contains some ingredients that can cause miscarriage. However, this result has come out during research on animals and more research is needed to know its effect on humans. It is better not to consume it to avoid the harm of eating bitter gourd during pregnancy.

Not only during pregnancy, but lactating women should also avoid the consumption of bitter gourd. Actually, some toxic substances are also present in bitter gourd, which can be passed from lactating mother to her baby.

  • Diabetic patients who are taking diabetes medicine, they must consult a doctor before consuming bitter gourd. Bitter gourd can reduce the amount of blood sugar. In such a situation, consuming bitter gourd along with diabetes medicine can be harmful.
  • Bitter gourd consumption can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and headache for some individuals.
  • After reading the benefits of eating bitter gourd, many people forget its bitterness and want to include it in their diet. Readers should keep in mind that even though bitter gourd has many medicinal properties, it can only protect against the symptoms and risks of health problems. If someone is suffering from a serious illness, then medical treatment should be the first priority for him. Along with this, most studies related to bitter gourd have been done on animals. In such a situation, it is better that a person should use bitter gourd in balanced quantity or as per the advice of the doctor.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is bitter gourd bitter?

The bitterness of bitter gourd is highest in their seeds. Before using bitter gourd, remove their seeds separately, then make vegetables. The bitterness will go away from your vegetable. To remove the bitterness of bitter gourd, apply salt on bitter gourd.

For how many days should you drink bitter gourd juice?

It is good to take bitter gourd juice in case of gas formation and indigestion in the stomach, due to which this disease goes away for a long time. Drinking bitter gourd juice strengthens the liver and all liver problems end. Consuming it daily gives results in a week. It is also beneficial in jaundice.

Which fruit should not be eaten after eating bitter gourd?

Never eat lemon, bitter gourd, jackfruit with milk. Because due to this your body can have problems like infection, ringworm, scabies, itching, eczema etc. So whenever you eat sour, lemon, bitter gourd and jackfruit vegetable.

How many types of bitter gourd are there?

Varieties of Bitter gourd Varieties – Kalyanpur Sona, Kalyanpur Varamasi, Priya, Pusa Special, Coimbatore Long, Pusa Domousami, Arkaharit, Pant Bitter gourd hybrids – Pusa, Hybrid, N. NS. Yes.

How to remove bitterness of bitter gourd?

Put salt on bitter gourd and keep it for about 20-30 minutes. Peel off the peel: Peel the bitter gourd and cook it. Even to a great extent, bitterness of bitter gourd will not be felt.

Which chemical is in bitter gourd?

Bitter gourd is used as a natural steroid because it contains a chemical called keratin. The oleonic acid glucoside present in bitter gourd has the ability to prevent sugar from dissolving in the blood. The more bitter gourd balances the sugar level, the more nutrients the body gets.

What are the disadvantages of drinking bitter gourd juice?

Bitter gourd juice may be healthy for sugar patients, but it can also prove to be unhealthy for liver and kidney patients. There is a risk of miscarriage due to excessive consumption of bitter gourd during pregnancy.

What happens if you drink milk after eating bitter gourd?

Do not eat bitter gourd and ladyfinger before drinking milk

Bitter gourd and ladyfinger should never be consumed before drinking milk. Apart from this, the face can also turn black. There may also be an allergy or infection on the face.

How to make Bitter gourd stuffing?

To make stuffed bitter gourd, first peel and wash the bitter gourd. Then make a cut in the middle with a knife and tear it a little and take out the seeds and put some salt in the bitter gourd and leave it for 2-3 hours. By doing this the bitterness of bitter gourd will come out. Now to prepare the bitter gourd stuffing, heat oil in a pan on the gas.

What elements are found in bitter gourd?

Bitter gourd is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C. Minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, folate, carbohydrates, and proteins. Which is more beneficial for health.

What are the disadvantages of bitter gourd?

Excessive consumption of bitter gourd can lead to hemolytic anemia. In this condition, the person may have problems like fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache. Therefore, excessive consumption of bitter gourd should be avoided.

Does bitter gourd make gas?

Digestion of food is done properly in the stomach by the consumption of bitter gourd. By eating bitter gourd, gas does not form in the stomach.

After how long after eating bitter gourd vegetable should we drink milk?

By doing this the person may complain of vomiting. Keep in mind that after consuming such fruits, drink milk only after about 2 hours. Bitter gourd and lady’s finger should also not be consumed after drinking milk. By doing this, dark spots can start appearing on the face, due to which the face starts looking very bad.

Why should we not eat bitter gourd at night?

Consuming bitter gourd in large quantities can cause stomach pain, and diarrhea.

When to cultivate bitter gourd?

Bitter gourd can be grown in both summer and rainy season. The temperature of 25 to 35 degree C grade is good for good growth, flowering and fruiting in the crop. 22 to 25 degree C for seed setting.

What happens if you eat bitter gourd seeds?

In case of worms in the stomach, grinding two-three grams of bitter gourd seeds, consuming it, gets rid of worms. If seeds are not available, then for this you can also consume ten to twelve milligrams of bitter gourd leaf juice. If there is a problem of cold and phlegm, grind five grams of bitter gourd root, mix honey in it and consume it.

In how many days does the bitter gourd crop become ready?

And after going to the market, people do not even like to buy from it, usually the fruits are ready for harvesting 70-90 days after sowing. Harvesting should be done 2 to 3 times in a week.

In how many days does the bitter gourd crop become ready?

Bitter gourd is cultivated in about 50 acres in Mahua village, Jitendra cultivates bitter gourd in 15 acres. The best thing about Bitter gourd crop is that it is ready in 60 days and traders buy it from the field. Jitendra and other farmers cultivate bitter gourd by scaffolding method.

How to germinate bitter gourd seeds?

You can also grow bitter gourd directly from seed. Or prepare the plant before seed and then plant the already prepared plant where you want to plant bitter gourd. The seeds should be soaked in water for 1 day before planting the seeds in the soil. Due to which bitter gourd seeds germinate easily.

How to germinate bitter gourd seeds?

You can also grow bitter gourd directly from seed. Or prepare the plant before seed and then plant the already prepared plant where you want to plant bitter gourd. The seeds should be soaked in water for 1 day before planting the seeds in the soil. Due to which bitter gourd seeds germinate easily.

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