Benefits of beetroot and carrot juice

Benefits of beetroot and carrot juice

Let us know about the Benefits of beetroot and carrot juice. If you are also confused about your workout drink these days, then we have brought such a workout drink for you which is beneficial for overall health.

It is winter season. People are quite confused about their workout drinks in winters. But have you ever tried carrot and beetroot juice? Do you know that carrot beetroot juice is very beneficial for your health. You consume carrots and beetroot in many ways. But you can also consume its juice. Beetroot and carrot juice has many health benefits, and it is also beneficial for your beauty.

These days there is no dearth of carrot and beetroot in the market. You can take carrot and beetroot juice as an energy drink during workouts. However, you can consume it anytime in the morning. It is very good for your eyes, as well as it keeps you away from many diseases. If you are trying to reduce your weight, then it can prove to be very helpful for you.

We will give you complete details about it. Learn how carrot beetroot juice is beneficial for you, and how it can be made at home.

Benefits of beetroot and carrot juice
Benefits of beetroot and carrot juice

How to make carrot and beetroot juice


2 carrots

1 beet

1 amla (optional)

1 tsp black salt

Prepare carrot and beet juice like this:

  • First of all wash and clean the carrot and beetroot. Remove their stalk, as well as cut the top and bottom part of both. After that cut them into pieces.
  • Now blend carrot, beetroot pieces and gooseberry (optional) in your juicer and make juice out of it. After that filter it with a sieve and separate the pulp from it. Take carrot and beetroot juice is ready. Serve it in a glass by adding black salt and enjoy it.

benefits of carrot and beetroot juice

1. Boosts Digestive System

The amount of calories in carrot beetroot juice is very less. So if you consume carrot and beetroot juice instead of other drinks, then it will be very beneficial for you. Consuming it regularly improves your digestive system. Due to which energy remains in the body.

2. Helps in reducing weight

Carrot and beetroot juice is rich in nutrients. Also, the amount of calories in it is also less. It also increases juice bile release. Bile juice helps in reducing body fat. According to a 2006 study on rats, increased secretion of bile improves digestion and helps in rapid weight loss.

3. Prevents Cancer

Cancer occurs when the cells of the body start growing uncontrollably. Since antioxidants can prevent cell damage. Therefore, carrot juice provides protection against many types of cancer. Also, studies show that beetroot juice is also helpful in the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells respond poorly to high levels of oxygen. Beet juice helps in increasing the oxygen intake by the cells.

4. Completes the lack of blood in the body

Lack of blood in the body can cause many diseases. But carrot and beetroot juice can help you get relief from it. Carrots and beetroot are capable of maintaining high levels of hemoglobin in the blood. 

Also, beetroot contains nutrients like potassium, zinc, calcium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur, copper, fat and vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin P and niacin. Along with nourishing the body, it also cures anemia.

5. It is also beneficial for the skin

By drinking carrot and beetroot juice, your skin remains hydrated and by removing the upper layer of dead cells, the skin becomes smooth and soft. The nutrients present in it are also very beneficial for your skin. If you have skin related problems then drinking carrot juice can be beneficial for you, it improves your skin.