Benefits of Amla Oil

Benefits of Amla Oil

Benefits of Amla Oil
Benefits of Amla Oil

Amla has been considered a beneficial fruit for health and well being for centuries. Like gooseberry, gooseberry oil is also useful. In this article we are telling the benefits and uses of this oil. Along with this, here we will also explain how to make gooseberry oil, so that its benefits can be obtained by preparing it at home. Before using it, note that amla oil can reduce the symptoms of the problems mentioned in the article, but it is not a cure for them. Let us see the Benefits of Amla Oil which are as follows

Benefits of Amla Oil      

Here we are telling the benefits of Amla oil and how it works in those problems, all these sequentially. For this you need to understand that fresh or dried gooseberry is heated with coconut oil to prepare amla oil. Due to this, the medicinal properties and nutrients of amla come in amla oil, due to which amla oil can prove beneficial in the following problems. Let us now try to understand the benefits of amla oil in depth.

1. Reduce Inflammation

Amla oil can be helpful in reducing inflammation. Research published on NSBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) reports that amla fruit extract has anti-inflammatory effect. The anti-inflammatory effect may prove effective in reducing inflammation. On this basis, it can be believed that amla oil can be effective in getting relief from inflammation.

2. Rich in Antioxidants

Amla oil is rich in antioxidant effect. According to research, ascorbic acid is found in amla, which in itself is a powerful antioxidant. This has positive effects on cardiovascular problems, diabetes and mental health. In such a situation, it can be believed that Amla oil , rich in antioxidants, can provide relief in the above problems. To get the antioxidant-rich properties of amla, mix the powder or juice of amla in the oil used in home cooking. Yes, do not forget to take medical advice before consuming it.

3. Useful for the heart

Amla oil can be useful for people suffering from heart disease. A research related to this has written that the extract of amla can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the increased cholesterol. According to another research, amla extract can keep the heart healthy by correcting the overall lipid profile.

In such a situation, it can be believed that the benefits of amla oil can be in heart disease. To get this benefit, prepare oil by mixing gooseberry powder or juice in the oil used for cooking at home. Just be sure to take medical advice before consuming it.

4. Beneficial for the eyes

Using amla oil for eyes can be beneficial. Indeed, NCBI research based on amla extract suggests that the antioxidant properties present in amla extract may reduce the risk of cataracts. For this, you can massage the upper part of the eyes with this. However, use it only after consulting a doctor.

5. Boost Immunity

Amla oil can be helpful in increasing the body’s immunity. In fact, research conducted by King George’s Medical College, Lucknow mentions that amla extract has antioxidant properties as well as immunomodulatory effects. This can modulate the immune system.

On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that the benefits of amla oil can also be used to improve immunity. To get its benefits, you can use gooseberry powder or juice mixed with the oil used for food at home. However, be sure to consult a doctor before consuming it.

6. Reduce the Effects of Premature Aging

Amla extract can protect against aging by protecting against the harmful rays of the sun, which is anti-wrinkle and anti-photoaging. Also, by promoting hair growth, amla oil can cure premature graying of hair by correcting the problem of hair fall. In such a situation, Amla oil can be used as a home remedy to prevent the effects of aging.

7. Beneficial in joint pain

Amla oil can be beneficial in joint pain. According to a research, amla has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the inflammation of the joints caused by arthritis. Actually, arthritis is an inflammatory disease, which can prevent arthritis by reducing inflammation. Not only this, Vitamin C is present in abundance in Amla. Vitamin C may be good for bone health.

8. Useful for Skin

Amla oil can also be used for the skin. Actually, amla extract can promote collagen i.e. protein found in the skin. This collagen is essential for skin health and can maintain skin elasticity. On this basis, it can be said that the benefits of amla oil can be for the skin.

9. Helpful in Removing Dandruff

Amla oil can be a better option to get relief from the problem of dandruff. The reason is that amla extract has antifungal effect. This can destroy the dandruff-causing Malassezia furfur fungus. Amla oil is made from the extract of amla. In such a situation, this effect can also happen in amla oil, so it would not be wrong to say that amla oil can provide relief from dandruff.

10. Prevent Hair Fall

Amla oil is considered useful for skin as well as hair. This is the reason why it is also called hair tonic. A research related to hair mentions that amla oil promotes hair growth, which can get rid of the problem of hair loss. According to another research , amla can be beneficial in relieving the problem of alopecia. In this, along with the scalp, hair from other parts of the body also starts falling.

11. Beneficial in gall disease

Amla oil can be beneficial in bile related problems. A research clearly mentions that amla oil can be good to overcome many problems related to bile disease. In addition, amla oil is known to cool the body heat caused by the summer season.

For this, cook the powder or juice of amla in pure coconut oil and cook it. Then massage the scalp well with it. By doing this, gallstone disease will be relieved to a great extent. Also, the body will remain cool in the summer season.

Nutritional Elements of Amla Oil

As we have already mentioned in the article that Amla oil is prepared by heating fresh or dried Amla fruit in coconut oil. In such a situation, it can be believed that the nutritious elements of fresh or dried gooseberry can also be present in gooseberry oil. Yes, coconut oil would also have been used in the manufacture of amla oil, so combining the nutrients of coconut oil can change its nutrient content and quantity. Here we are telling the nutrients of gooseberry below.

Water 87.9 grams
energy44 kcal
Fat0.58 g
Carbohydrate10.2 grams
fiber4.3 grams
calcium25 grams
Iron0.31 grams
magnesium10 mg
potassium198 mg
vitamin C 27.7 mg
Nutritional Elements of Amla Oil

How to Use Amla Oil

Below we are giving information about the use of Amla oil through the following points.

Two to three drops of amla oil can be used to apply on the skin.

If you want to use it for hair, then you can use about half or a teaspoon of amla oil.

You can massage the scalp by mixing lemon in amla oil.

Amla oil can be applied on the affected area to get relief from swelling.

Note – There is a lack of accurate scientific research related to the consumption of gooseberry oil, so please consult a doctor before using it for consumption.

How to Make Amla Oil

So friends, let’s know about the benefits of Amla oil, now we know about its use. Although different ways prepared amla oil are available in the market for consumption and application, but it can also be easily prepared at home. The method of making amla oil at home is as follows.

Stuff :

One teaspoon amla powder or three to four fresh amla (grinded and seeds removed)

one cup pure coconut oil

How to make Amla Oil:

Put amla and coconut oil in a pan and put it on the gas.

Cook it for about 10 to 15 minutes.

When bubbles start rising in the oil, switch off the gas.

When the oil kept in the pan cools down, filter it and keep it in a bottle.

In this way amla oil can be made at home.

How to keep Amla Oil safe for a long time

The following methods can be adopted to preserve amla oil for a long time.

Amla oil can be kept in a glass or plastic air tight bottle.

Keep in mind that keep it in a cool place in the house or where it is dark.

While using amla oil, keeping the vial open for a long time or even by putting fingers inside the vial, it

may be bad. In this case, take out in a bowl and use oil.

Where to buy Amla oil?

If someone wants to take amla oil for the purpose of applying on hair and skin, then they can take it from any grocery store. At the same time, if it is to be used for food, then it is better to buy it from an Ayurvedic medical store, which can be used for food as well as for applying on skin and hair.

Side Effects of Amla Oil

So let’s know about the benefits of Amla oil, now we know about its disadvantages. There is a lack of precise scientific research related to the harm of amla oil. At the same time, according to experts, its side effects can be seen in some situations, which are as follows.

Amla oil is manufactured with carrier oils such as coconut oil. In such a situation, some people may complain of skin related inflammation or irritation due to low quality carrier oil.

If someone is allergic to gooseberry, then they should not use amla oil. It may cause allergies.

Consuming adulterated amla oil can cause stomach problems.

The effect of reducing blood sugar is found in amla powder. Since amla powder is used in amla oil, it should not be taken by those taking diabetes medicine.

Now there will hardly be any doubt about the benefits and harms of amla oil. If someone is facing any of the problems mentioned in the article, then Amla oil can be used. If needed, keep in mind its quantity and method of use, so that there are no possible damages of amla oil. Here the method of making amla oil has also been told, so that it can be easily made at home.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the effect of amla oil on hair growth be visible?

It has been told in the article that it is a great hair tonic, which can promote hair growth. However, there is no clear evidence available for how many days its effect will be visible. The condition of each person’s hair is different, so it can take a few weeks to months to show an effect.

Can amla oil regrow white hair?

Yes, amla oil can help in relieving the problem of premature graying of hair.

Does amla oil get absorbed in the hair?

Amla oil is not absorbed into the hair but into the scalp and then acts to promote hair growth.

Does amla oil work to straighten hair?

No, Amla cannot do hair straightening in the same way as hair straightening is done in the parlor. Yes, amla oil is considered helpful in detangling and strengthening hair.

Can amla oil increase melanin?

Yes, amla oil can increase melanin. For this reason, amla is considered good for premature graying of hair. Be aware that melanin is a natural element, which helps to maintain the natural color of the hair.

Which amla oil is best for hair?

Completely pure amla oil is the best for hair. If there will be any kind of chemical in the oil and the amount of amla will be equal to ‘no’, then such amla oil cannot be of any kind.

Which is better coconut oil or amla oil?

Coconut oil generally suits everyone, while amla oil is considered a tonic for hair. At the same time, Amla and coconut oil are used to make Amla oil domestically. In such a situation, it is mostly used by mixing amla and coconut oil. For this reason, both the oils can be called good because of their own merits.

What is Amla oil and what are the benefits of Amla oil?

Amla oil is also called Amla oil. The benefits of amla oil are also the same as those of amla oil.

Can amla oil be consumed?

No, you cannot consume Amla oil available in the market. Some Ayurvedic doctors suggest that a few drops of home-prepared amla oil can be consumed on the advice and supervision of a doctor if needed.

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