Benefits Jamun Leaves

Benefits Jamun Leaves

There are many such trees, all parts of which are considered useful. Be it the fruit, flower, leaves, twig or root of the tree. It can serve to provide many benefits to the people. Berries are also included in the list of such useful trees. Not only its fruit, but also the leaves of Jamun can be very useful. The symptoms of many diseases can be reduced by the use of Jamun leaves and diseases can be avoided. We will not only give information related to the benefits of Jamun leaves, but will also share information about the uses and disadvantages of Jamun leaves.

Benefits Jamun Leaves
Benefits Jamun Leaves

What are Jamun leaves?

Jamun tree is counted among medicinal trees, which is rich in many properties. The leaves of Jamun are long and green in colour. The properties of Jamun leaves are many such as – it has anti-hyperglycemic, antibacterial properties as well as it can be useful for teeth, for ulcers and for other health problems. The benefits of Jamun leaves are being explained in detail further in the article.

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Come, now let us know about the benefits of eating Jamun leaves.

Benefits of Jamun leaves

Just like the benefits of Jamun are many, in the same way, due to the benefits of Jamun leaves, it is used to prevent or reduce the symptoms of many diseases. So we are explaining below in detail about which diseases Jamun leaf can be useful for prevention:

1. Relief in diabetes

Jamun leaves can be used to control diabetes . A medical research published in this regard has found that Jamun leaves have anti-hyperglycemic effects. The antihyperglycemic effect is known to lower blood sugar, which may help reduce diabetes. Jamun leaf tea has been used in research to reduce diabetes. On this basis, it can be said that including jamun leaves tea in the diet of diabetes can be a good option.

2. For ulcers

The benefits of Jamun leaves can be seen to reduce the problem of ulcers . In fact, jamun leaves have been used medicinally to treat ulcers ( 4 ). At the same time, as a home remedy for mouth ulcers, chewing and rinsing fresh leaves of Jamun can be beneficial.

At the moment, more scientific research is needed in this regard, so that it can be clear which properties present in it are helpful. In this case, Jamun leaves can be used for common ulcer or to prevent it. On the other hand, if someone feels the symptoms of a serious ulcer problem, then it is better to use Jamun leaves only after consulting a doctor and give priority to medical treatment.

3. Improve blood circulation

The benefits of Jamun leaves can also be to improve blood circulation. According to published medical research on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the consumption of antioxidants can work to improve blood circulation ( 5 ). At the same time, in another research, Jamun leaves have been confirmed to have antioxidant properties ( 3 ). At the same time, the benefits of antioxidants are not limited to blood circulation, but it can also be helpful in protecting cells from damage and diseases ( 6 ) . In such a situation, including jamun leaves in an antioxidant-rich diet can be a good option.

4. For fever

Using Jamun leaves can reduce fever. This has also been confirmed in a scientific study. It has been reported in this study that Jamun leaves are used in the treatment of fever ( 7 ). More research is needed on which properties of Jamun leaves can be helpful in reducing fever. However, Jamun leaves have anti-viral properties ( 3 ). In such a situation, on the basis of this quality, it can be assumed that Jamun leaves can be used for mild fever. On the other hand, if fever occurs again and again, then it is better to take the doctor’s opinion in this matter.

5. Cancer prevention

Jamun leaf can also play an important role in keeping serious diseases like cancer at bay. According to research published on the NCBI website, many parts of the Jamun tree are considered useful for cancer prevention ( 8 ). According to another scientific research, Jamun leaves contain flavonoids, which exhibit anti-carcinogenic effects. In this case, the risk of cancer can be reduced ( 9 ). In such a situation, the use of Jamun leaves can be beneficial to prevent cancer. At the same time, let us make it clear that cancer is a serious disease and Jamun leaves are not its cure, it is necessary to give priority to medical treatment for the treatment of cancer.

6. For digestion

If someone is troubled by the problem related to digestion, then the use of Jamun leaves can prove to be beneficial for them. According to medical research published on the NCBI website, many parts of the Jamun tree are used to improve digestion. In many places of India, in the problem of indigestion, grinding fresh leaves of Jamun is consumed with goat milk ( 8 ). On this basis, it can be said that Jamun leaf can improve digestion. At present, there is a lack of scientific research in this regard.

7. Control in high blood pressure

Jamun leaves can be beneficial in balancing the rising blood pressure . In fact, a research mentions that blood pressure can be controlled by the bark of berries and its leaves. In addition, a research published on the NCBI website mentions that the hydroalcoholic extract present in Jamun leaves may exhibit anti-hypertensive effects, thereby reducing blood pressure, In such a situation, jamun leaves can be used to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and to keep blood pressure under control. At the same time, Jamun leaves can be included in the high blood pressure diet according to medical advice.

8. Diarrhea Relief

There can be benefits of eating Jamun leaves to get relief from diarrhea . The benefits of jamun leaves in diarrhea may be due to the anti-diarrheal properties present in it ( 12 ). Jamun leaves have been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for diarrhoea. In such a situation , jamun leaves can be used to prevent diarrhea or for mild diarrhea. On the other hand, if the problem is more then it is better to give priority to medical treatment instead of relying on home remedies.

9. Relief from dysentery

Dysentery is a condition that can be caused by bacterial and parasitic infections. In this problem, the person feels the need to pass stool again and again. Due to this problem, blood and mucus can also come along with the stool. During this, the victim may also feel pain or cramps during defecation ( 13 ). The use of Jamun leaves can be beneficial for the person suffering from this problem. Actually, anti-dysentery effect is found in Jamun leaves, which can reduce the problem of dysentery to some extent ( 12 ). Take care of its seriousness in the problem of dysentery , if the problem is more then do not hold back from getting medical treatment.

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell about the specialty of Jamun leaves i.e. its nutrients.

Nutritional elements of Jamun leaves – Jamun Leaves Nutritional Value

Based on the research published on the NCBI website, we have given information about the nutrients present in Jamun leaves. Jamun leaves contain flavonol glycosides, quercetin, myricetin, myricetin, myricetin 3-O-4-acetyl-L-rhamnopyranoside (Myricetin 3-O-4-acetyl-L- Nutrients such as rhamnopyranoside), triterpenoids, esterase, galloyl carboxylase and tannin are found ( 8 ). At the same time, its leaves have antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ( 3 ).

How to Use Jamun Leaves

Very few people know that Jamun leaves can be used in many ways. In such a situation, information related to the use of Jamun leaves is being given below:

how to use

  • One can chew some fresh leaves of Jamun.
  • Jamun leaves can be consumed by using them in tea.
  • Like the seeds of Jamun, the powder made from its dried leaves can be consumed.
  • You can take the powder of Jamun mixed with milk or honey.
  • Gargle can be done with the juice of Jamun leaves. This can keep the mouth healthy.
  • Jamun leaves can be consumed by making chutney.

when to use

  • You can drink tea made from blackberry leaves at any time in the morning or evening.
  • Powder made from Jamun leaves can be consumed once a day. It is better to take the opinion of an expert once before taking its powder.

how much to use

  • It would be better to use Jamun leaves in limited quantity. There is no scientific research available on how much to take it. Its quantity can be decided according to the age and health of every person. In such a situation, contact the expert to know the correct quantity of taking it. Also consult a doctor before consuming Jamun leaves.

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Let us now know how the Jamun leaves can be preserved for a long time.

How to preserve Jamun leaves for a long time?

Several measures may have to be adopted to preserve the jamun leaves after plucking them from the tree. Information about these measures is being given below with the help of some points:

  • To preserve Jamun leaves, choose fresh leaves. Take it as per requirement.
  • They can be kept wrapped in a light wet cloth.
  • These can be wrapped in a cloth and kept in the fridge or a cool room in the house.
  • If there is a Jamun tree in the house, pluck its leaves and use them at the time of need.

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Now we are going to give information about the damage of Jamun leaves.

Side Effects of Jamun Leaves

Of course, Jamun leaves are beneficial, but sometimes excessive use can cause some harm. Some of the disadvantages of Jamun leaves are as follows:

  • Excessive lowering of blood pressure can be counted among the disadvantages of Jamun leaves. As we mentioned earlier, its leaves have anti-hypertensive effects, which can cause low blood pressure problems for people with normal blood pressure ( 11 ). On the other hand, if someone is taking blood pressure medicine, then take the advice of a doctor once before consuming Jamun leaves.
  • Jamun leaves also have the ability to lower blood sugar, which can cause low blood sugar problems in people with normal blood sugar ( 3 ).
  • People with more sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction to Jamun leaves. At present, scientific research is still needed in this regard, but as a precaution, do a patch test before using it.

Jamun leaves are beneficial, which can bring many benefits to health. You must have come to know about the benefits associated with its consumption from the information given above. In such a situation, for the benefits of Jamun leaves, use it in limited quantity. If needed, it is better to consult a doctor before using Jamun leaves. Especially, before giving it to young children and pregnant women. We hope that the information given in this article will be useful to you. Let us now know the answers to the readers’ questions related to Jamun leaves.

Frequently asked questions:

Can we eat Jamun leaves?

Yes, you can chew Jamun leaves, but after chewing, do rinse with water.

Are Jamun leaves good for diabetes?

Yes, Jamun leaves can be useful for diabetic patients ( 3 ).

Are Jamun leaves poisonous?

Jamun leaves are generally not poisonous, but they should always be used after washing them thoroughly. This is because if they contain dirt or insects, they can be harmful. On the other hand, if someone has an allergy problem, then it is necessary for them to take medical advice before using it.

Can I extract the juice of Jamun leaves?

Yes, Jamun leaf juice can be used after extracting it.

Can Jamun leaves be kept in the fridge?

Yes, Jamun leaves can be kept at room temperature in the fridge.