Belated happy birthday wishes

Belated happy birthday wishes

In today’s article, we will know about Belated happy birthday wishes. Nowadays people have become so busy in their lives that along with the birthdays of their friends and family members, they also forget their birthdays. Now it is bound to make that special person angry. In such a situation, the practice of wishing a late birthday is not bad either. It is called ‘Bilted Happy Birthday’ in English. This will remove the displeasure of your special friends or family members. You can celebrate that special someone whose birthday you forgot by sending these belated birthday greetings messages.

Let’s start the article directly with the belated happy birthday wishes.

Belated happy birthday wishes

Belated happy birthday wishes
Belated happy birthday wishes

Read the belated birthday greetings messages below in order. Whichever one you like best, you can wish them a happy birthday by sending them. So let’s get started:

  1. You are my best friend,
    friend of friends, so
    what if it is too late to wish you a birthday, I
    am still ready to give you a party.
  2. It’s too late to wish birthday my brother,
    wish you happy birthday only after two days.
  3. May your every day be filled with happiness, may your every night smell like flowers, may you get all the happiness in the world. Could not wish on birthday. Happy belated birthday my friend.
  4. Forgetting your birthday is not my fault,
    your age is not known by your skin.
    Belated happy birthday my brother.
  5. Moonlight is lovelier than moon,
    night is lovelier than moonlight,
    life is lovelier than night,
    and you are lovelier than life.
    Happy birthday brother-in-law Sorry a little late.
  6. You keep smiling among crores,
    feeding the face among millions,
    you also keep avoiding such difficulties,
    like the tongue lives between the teeth.
    Belated Happy Birthday Mere Yaar.
  7. May all your wishes come true, there
    should never be distance from loved ones,
    sorry for not wishing birthday,
    really, you are most important to me.
    Belated Happy Birthday Meri Jaan.
  8. May no problem come near you,
    may no one ever make you cry, may
    you get every success,
    belatedly, happy birthday to you .
  9. I am very lucky to have a brother like you. Sorry for forgetting such a brother’s birthday. Belated Happy Birthday my brother.
  10. My dear sister, may all the happiness in the world be at your feet, I am sorry for forgetting your birthday. Belated happy birthday my dear sister.
  1. May every difficulty be easy, may
    there be happiness in every moment,
    may the whole life be like this, may
    your name be in my prayers.
    Belated but happy birthday to you.
  2. We hope your birthday was very special, as you are special to us. Belated Happy Birthday.
  3. I pray that your name will be on every peak of success,
    world will salute you at every step,
    face difficulties with courage,
    time will also be your slave one day. Belated Happy Birthday Dear .
  4. The sun brought light,
    the birds sang,
    the flowers laughed and said,
    Happy birthday, your birthday came two days ago.
    Belated Happy Birthday.
  5. I didn’t wish you on your birthday because I was collecting the happiness of the whole world for you. I hope you will not be offended. Happy birthday to you .

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  1. We are sorry for not being able to congratulate you on your birthday ,
    but I pray to my God that
    you remain happy in every situation.
  2. May the rising sun bless you,
    may the blooming flower give you fragrance,
    we are not capable of giving anything,
    the giver may give you every happiness.
    Belated Happy Birthday Dear Friend.
  3. Let’s all party together,
    leave all the worries,
    the birthday is gone,
    belated birthday wishes.
  4. I made a mistake,
    forgive me my brother,
    I wish you a happy birthday.
  5. Even though the birthday wishes are arriving late this time, we hope you enjoyed your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday my friend.
  6. I am a little late,
    forgive me,
    every time I am late,
    nothing new for me. Belated Happy Birthday.
  7. We are your true friends,
    but not less than enemies,
    did not wish birthday on time,
    but keep no enmity in mind. Belated Happy Birthday.
  8. May the smile on your face remain intact,
    happy birthday to you,
    even if it is late my friend.
  9. I hope you must have missed me a lot on your birthday, because I was not with you. Will celebrate birthday together next time. This time take belated birthday greetings. Happy Birthday Belated.
  10. I pray to God,
    may all your dreams come true, I
    am wishing you a late birthday,
    don’t spoil your mood because of me.
  11. I pray to God, that
    the smile on your lips never goes away,
    belated birthday wishes to you,
    we could not come on time.
  12. Did not congratulate you on your birthday,
    thought that the cost of the gift would be spent,
    how was your birthday party,
    let’s discuss a little.
    Belated Happy Birthday my friend.
  13. I do something different every time on your birthday,
    so, this time I am wishing you a delayed birthday.
    Belated Happy Birthday friend.
  14. Couldn’t wish you happy birthday on time, was a bit busy with work. I’m sorry friend and now take the birthday wishes. Happy Birthday Belated.
  15. We will dance ourselves, we will also make you dance,
    next year we will celebrate your birthday with pomp.
    Late Happy Birthday.
  1. My friend is like the moon, she
    becomes a riddle, she
    forgot her birthday, so she is upset,
    but my friend is so sweet.
    Belated happy birthday.
  2. Wherever you step,
    no sorrow ever comes, I am
    late in wishing you a happy birthday,
    now we congratulate you.

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  1. May the rays of the sun shine on you, May
    every flower of the morning give you fragrance,
    We will not be able to give anything special, May
    the giver give you every happiness.
    Happy birthday Late.
  2. I forgot your birthday this time too, sorry again for that. I promise I won’t forget next time. Sent a gift for you, hope you like it. Happy birthday Late.
  3. We ask for this blessing on your birthday,
    we and you will never be separated, we
    will support you for life,
    this is our only intention.
    Happy Birthday Belated.
  4. You get the love of the whole world sister,
    now next time you will not have to say, I
    will not forget your birthday,
    I will give you a lovely jewel as a gift.
  5. We live in your heart,
    that’s why, bear every pain,
    no one wishes you apart from us,
    that’s why, say Happy Birthday after a few days.
  6. God must have celebrated that day too,
    the day he created you,
    tears never come in your eyes,
    next time he will be celebrated before the birthday.
    Belated Happy Birthday.
  7. O God, may my prayers be so effective,
    may my mother’s lap always be full of flowers.
    Happy birthday to you mother. Happy Birthday Belated.
  8. Forgetting birthday also has its own fun,
    but, people think it is a punishment,
    I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
    maybe this is God’s will.
  9. May your face blossom like flowers, may
    the process of progress continue,
    this is my prayer from the
    bottom of my heart that may God be kind to you.
    Happy birthday belated friend.
  10. Wherever you step,
    no sorrow ever comes, I am
    late in wishing you a happy birthday,
    now we congratulate you.
  11. What happened that I was late in wishing you on your birthday this year. You can believe that I wish you a happy birthday next time! Sorry sister, belated happy birthday.
  12. I love you more than life, I am
    not afraid of death but I am afraid of your separation, I
    forgot your birthday because of busyness,
    but today I wish you from my heart.
  13. Congratulations on these special moments of your birthday,
    congratulations on the new dreams in your eyes, congratulations on all the gifts
    that life has brought for you today . Late happy birthday my brother.
  14. May you get the happiness of your destiny, may
    you keep getting everyone’s love like this,
    what if I forgot your birthday,
    but now I congratulate you a lot.
  15. May God bless you that you do not lack anything in life, may all the happiness of the world be in your pocket. This is my prayer from my God, Happy birthday to my dear brother. Sorry I am wishing a little late.
  16. My friend is different from everyone,
    My friend is the most beloved,
    Who says that happiness is everywhere,
    For me, my friend is more precious than happiness.
    Belated Happy Birthday my friend.
  17. You get more happiness than heaven,
    you get everyone’s love and affection,
    every time I give you late
    birthday wishes.
  18. May the shadow of sorrow not fall on you, may you never live in loneliness, may every wish come true in life. This is what they pray to God. Happy birthday to my dear sister. Happy Birthday Belated.
  19. Your life always smells like flowers,
    happiness kisses your every step,
    you shine like stars on this birthday,
    accept my love with birthday wishes.
  20. May you smile like a bird,
    chirp like a bird,
    whatever you ask for on your birthday, may
    God fulfill your wish.
    Late happy birthday my little sister.
  21. Belated Happy Birthday Papa. Sorry for wishing you a late birthday. I promise that next time we will celebrate your birthday together.
  22. I will sing this song on your birthday,
    there will be no excuse to give a party,
    next time I will reach on time,
    this time belated greetings.
    Happy birthday my friend.
  23. Birthday spring has come for you,
    has brought the gift of happiness for you, May
    every wish be fulfilled,
    I have prayed to God for you.
    Belated Happy Birthday.

greetings left

  1. I believe that there should be only party on birthday. Congratulations will continue to be given later also. Wish you a very happy birthday. Too late
  2. Dear Aunty, wish you a very happy birthday. Hope you don’t mind it. May God fill your pocket with happiness.
  3. Big brother, I am always behind in wishing birthdays. Sorry, belated happy birthday big brother. May you progress a lot in life.
  4. Your birthday has always been special for me. Forgot your birthday for the first time. Next time we will have a big celebration together. Happy birthday my lovely wife. Sorry about this time.
  5. Sorry my brother,
    I remembered your birthday late,
    I will definitely eat sweets after coming home,
    now take your birthday greetings .
  6. You must have received many birthday greetings,
    but I also missed your birthday cake.
    Happy birthday my friend.