Bauhinia Variegata

Bauhinia Variegata

Bauhinia Variegata trees are found in the forests, in the Himalayan valleys and in the lower mountainous region. Various parts of this tree like flower buds, flowers, stem bark, stem, leaves, seeds and root are used in the preparation of Ayurveda , Unani and Homeopathy medicines. Due to its medicinal properties, using Bauhinia Variegata in the treatment of many diseases gives benefits.

What is Bauhinia Variegata?

The botanical name of Bauhinia Variegata is Bauhinia variegata and it is considered to be a tree of Sejalpiniaceae species. Bauhinia Variegata trees are found all over the country. It is a medicinal tree and has been used in India for the treatment of diseases since ancient times. Bauhinia Variegata has been widely used as a medicinal plant in Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy systems in India.

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Bauhinia Variegata is believed to have anti-tumor, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-goitrogenic, hepatoprotective and hemagglutination properties. Let us know in detail how Bauhinia Variegata is used –


Many tribes of India use the juice extracted from the leaves and roots of Bauhinia Variegata to cure chest pain . Bauhinia Variegata extract was found to be effective in controlling hyperlipidemia induced by high-fat diet and can be used as an anti-atherogenic drug. The juice of the flowers is used to treat diarrhoea , dysentery and other stomach disorders .


In many regions of India, Bauhinia Variegata buds are cooked, roasted, curries and pickles are prepared with onions and spices . It is then eaten later as a vegetable or as a side dish as part of a regular diet.

to make medicine

Bauhinia Variegata is an Ayurvedic herb . Which is used to cure many diseases. Therefore, it is also used in making many medicines. Bauhinia Variegata is used to make medicinal medicines like Guggul , Chandanvasan , Chitrakadi Taila, Urinary Sanharaniya Kwatha and Gandmala Kandana Rasa.


In Ayurveda, Kachanar is described as “Rakta Kanchan” in Sanskrit and is also known by many other ancient names including “Kanchanar”, “Gandari”, “Yugapatrak”. In Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, this miraculous plant is classified as “Vamnopaga”. Vamanopaga is used as a means of excretion or removal of toxins from the body. Also its taste is astringent. In Ayurveda, Bauhinia Variegata is also beneficial in balancing the aggravated Kapha and Pitta doshas, ​​pacifying the aggravated symptoms and establishing the tridosha harmony of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the human body .


There are four types of amino acids in the early stages of the flower buds of Bauhinia Variegata . In Unani medicine, the flower buds of Mountain Ebony were used to treat cough as well as for eye infections , liver complications and hematuria. According to some current studies, Mountain Ebony is considered effective for prostate cancer , ovarian cancer and breast cancer occurring in women .

health benefits of Bauhinia Variegata

Parts of the Mountain Ebony tree have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-malarial, pain – reducing, inflammation – reducing, cytotoxic, fever-reducing and thyroid hormone-regulating properties. Come, let us know in detail what are the benefits of Mountain Ebony-

cure thyroid problem

When the thyroid glands fail to produce enough thyroid hormone, the problem of hypothyroidism occurs. These hormones are essential for maintaining the metabolism and immune system in the body . Thyroid disorders are caused by an imbalance of the three doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, as well as being overweight, obese and poor digestion.

Taking decoction and powder of Mountain Ebony can help in treating hypothyroidism. Mountain Ebony helps the body absorb foods more easily, while also controlling all the three doshas, ​​boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss.

controlled blood sugar

Anti – diabetic and anti-hyperglycemic are found in abundance in Mountain Ebony. Along with controlling the insulin system in the body, it reduces the rising level of blood-sugar. Thus, Mountain Ebony helps in reducing the symptoms of diabetes and keeping blood-sugar levels under control.

hemorrhoids treatment

Mountain Ebony flowers are really effective in treating painful piles . When the blood vessels in the anus area increase, then piles increase, due to which the person starts feeling very uncomfortable. If hemorrhoids are particularly acute, the person may have pain while passing a bowel movement and may also find it difficult to sit. In such a situation, eating Mountain Ebony can be incredibly beneficial, as it has the ability to eliminate piles completely.

regular menstrual cycle

All those women who have excessive bleeding during menstruation can use Mountain Ebony to deal with this problem. In fact, no other vegetable can be as good as Mountain Ebony for women in this situation. Mountain Ebony controls blood circulation during menstruation.

Apart from this, Mountain Ebony is also beneficial in problems like diarrhea, jaundice , fever , liver disease and urinary tract infection .

side effects of Bauhinia Variegata

People get many benefits by using Mountain Ebony, but it also has some side effects, such as stomach upset , headache , gastric irritation or allergic reactions like itching . Come, let us know what are the side-effects of Mountain Ebony-

  • Side effects such as stomach upset, headache, nausea , vomiting, diarrhea, belching , and hiccups may occur with the use of Mountain Ebony.
  • It can also cause allergic reactions like skin rashes and itching.
  • Some other side effects include restlessness and breakdown of muscle tissue.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should avoid consuming it.
  • Some people may experience mild gastric irritation.
  • People with high cholesterol levels should avoid it, as it may increase the level of lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.
  • People suffering from hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibroids should also avoid taking Mountain Ebony .
  • People taking diabetes medicine should consume it only after taking the advice of the doctor.
  • Do not take it continuously for more than a month.


Along with being powerful antioxidants, Bauhinia Variegata is rich in essential nutrients , carbs , proteins , fats , vitamins and minerals . Bauhinia Variegata is an Ayurvedic herb. It is used to treat many diseases. From the bark of Bauhinia Variegata till the root is used. It has anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, laxative, liver tonic, anti-ulcer, antidote properties that enhance its effectiveness. You must consult a specialist before consuming it.