Banana milkshake recipes

Banana milkshake recipes

Let’s know about Banana milkshake recipes. Banana milkshake is liked by everyone from kids to elders and it can be made easily. That’s why in today’s post we are sharing with you the recipe of Banana Milkshake . It is very easy to make and its test is also very good. Along with this, it also has many advantages.

How to make Banana Milkshake recipes

Banana milkshake recipes
Banana milkshake recipes

Ingredients to make Banana Milkshake

  • 1 cup milk
  • ice cubes
  • 5-6 finely chopped cashews
  • 4-5 finely chopped almonds
  • 2 done
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • 2-3 tsp sugar

Banana Milkshake Recipe

  • First of all, we will peel and cut the banana.
  • Then we will take a mix jar.
  • We will first pour milk inside the mixie jar.
  • In the milk, we will add bananas, cardamom powder, sugar, finely chopped almonds and cashews .
  • We will not put all the almonds and cashews, we will save some.
  • We will use these cashews and almonds later.
  • Now we will grind everything well.
  • Our milkshake is absolutely ready.

How to serve Banana Milkshake

  • We will pour the milkshake in a glass tumbler.
  • We will put ice cubes in the shake.
  • Serve it by adding finely chopped almonds and cashews on top of the milkshake.
  • You can also use saffron threads if you want.

Benefits of Banana Milkshake

  • This gives strength to the body and nourishes the body.
  • Banana milkshake does not cause hunger again and again.
  • This shake brings softness to our skin.
  • This removes the problem of hair fall.
  • Banana milkshake leads to physical and mental development.