Banana leaves

Banana leaves

Banana is a tropical fruit loved by many people in the world. We are all familiar with the many health benefits that bananas provide along with energy and often athletes include bananas in their diet. But very few people know that banana leaves also have many health benefits.

Banana leaves (a dry and fresh one) can also be used medicinally. They also have many benefits for our health and beauty. With these we can also cure diseases like sore throat, cough, common cold and fever. They are also used as a traditional spa ingredient in some countries, which is great for the skin.

Banana leaves
Banana leaves

Benefits of Bananas Leaves

Bananas leaves are rich in polyphenols, which are a type of antioxidants. These are beneficial in fighting many diseases caused by free radicals in our body. It also prevents inflammation caused by free radicals. Due to this inflammation, many types of degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, dementia and even cancer can occur. These antioxidants may also be beneficial for preventing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dull skin.

So let’s know about its benefits:

Benefits of bananas leaves remove sore throat

One of the benefits of bananas leaves is to help relieve sore throat. One such problem is sore throat, which is a symptom of many respiratory diseases and these diseases are mostly caused by viruses. In this case, antibiotics may not be beneficial for you.

Sore throat is very painful due to which we feel pain while swallowing food or drink. For this, boil dry bananas leaves in water. After boiling, just like you drink regular tea, consume it 2 times a day. By consuming this, your throat will be cured very soon.

Benefits of bananas leaves are beneficial in fever

In addition, bananas leaves can help reduce heat or body temperature. For this you boil bananas leaves and let them cool. After this, to make them more beneficial and tasty, you mix a little honey in it. Now consume this decoction three to four times.

In such a situation, this remedy can also be beneficial in reducing fever. Bananas leaves have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which often prove useful in fever. To reduce fever, you can consume this decoction three times a day.

Strengthen the immune system with the properties of banana leaves

Bananas leaves are very beneficial for increasing the immunity of the body. The elements in bananas leaves like allantoin are very useful for the immune system which act as an astringent. You can strengthen your body’s immunity naturally by consuming decoction prepared from bananas leaves.

This is the reason why bananas leaves can be useful in treating sore throat and fever, which are mainly caused due to weak immunity. Even if you do not have any such disease, you can consume tea or decoction of bananas leaves once a day to strengthen the immune system.

Banana leaves are beneficial in dysentery

Dysentery is a disease caused by inflammation of the bowel which results in bleeding during defecation. Banana leaves are one of the traditional ingredients used to treat dysentery. Banana leaves contain a substance that can relieve inflammation of the intestine to cure dysentery.

You should drink a decoction of banana leaves at least once a day to stop bleeding caused by intestinal inflammation. Apart from this, it can also reduce stomach pain.

Medicinal properties of banana leaves keep the skin healthy

Bananas leaves have been used for generations to keep the skin healthy. In such a situation, you can also use banana leaves as a natural element to enhance the beauty of the skin. You can use a face mask prepared from banana leaves to enhance the beauty of the skin.

You grind fresh bananas leaves well and then apply on the face or whole body. Allantoin and antioxidants help prevent signs of skin aging. Also, this remedy helps in reducing skin irritation, acne and pimples, besides it keeps the skin soft and moisturised.

Apart from this, boil bananas leaves in water and cool it. After this wash your face with this water. This water can kill skin bacteria. It helps to keep your skin soft and healthy

Banana leaves are beneficial for hair

Do you know that banana leaves can also be useful for keeping hair healthy? If you have itchy hair with dandruff, prepare a soft paste by grinding fresh banana leaves well to make a hair mask. After this apply this paste on the hair. Leave it on the hair for half an hour and then wash the hair thoroughly.

Apart from this, you can also use this hair mask to maintain the natural color of the hair. Because these leaves have allantoin and astringent properties.

Eating bananas leaves helps in reducing weight

You can also use bananas leaves inside the weight loss diet plan. You can use bananas leaves in 2 ways. First, well mashed fresh bananas leaves can be used as a body mask to reduce cellulite and keep the skin healthy.

Another way is to boil bananas leaves well and then wrap them on the required area (usually abdomen, upper thighs and upper arms) for 1-2 hours. Apart from this, you can also consume a cup of tea made from bananas leaves and ginger.

Banana leaves are useful for wrapping food

Perhaps you must have seen sometimes that people, especially in South India, use banana leaves to wrap food and also instead of a plate to eat. Generally people use banana leaves to wrap noodles, rice, idli or various other types of dishes.