Baby Shower Quotes

Baby Shower Quotes

Let’s know about Baby Shower Quotes. The joy of becoming a mother doubles when a baby shower is organized at home. On this event, the mother gets immense congratulations and blessings, which makes the coming child fortunate. If you too are going to attend a baby shower and are looking for some great baby shower greetings messages. Here we have included more than 75 baby shower greetings messages. These include poetry, quotes, greeting messages and lots of shayaris.

Baby Shower Quotes
Baby Shower Quotes

Come on, now let’s have a look at the baby shower poems, shayari and quotes.

75+ Baby Shower Poems, Quotes & Wishes

The God Bharai ceremony is performed at the beginning of the seventh or ninth month of pregnancy. In this event women usually gather to give blessings. In such a situation, if you want to give best wishes and blessings to the mother-to-be on her baby shower, then definitely read the congratulatory messages, poems and quotes given below.

We will start the article with baby shower poems.

Baby Shower Poem

Keeping in mind the ritual of baby shower, we have brought for you some special baby shower poems, which you can choose and share according to your choice.

  1. For whom,
    everyone was waiting,
    for whom,
    parents were desperate,
    that time
    has now come closer,
    with a smile,
    we have to bring him to this house,
    this house has to be decorated for him only. For whom,
    Grandparents are ready,
    for whom,
    maternal uncle and aunt are also waiting,
    that time
    has now come closer, we have to bring him to this house
    laughingly, singing, this world has to be decorated for him only.

  2. This house-courtyard smells of happiness ,
    on the daughter’s baby shower,
    the weather is pleasant,
    green courtyard, it
    is raining heavily,
    look how my daughter Rani is decorated.
    When that moment will be pleasant,
    come together, let’s
    celebrate happiness, ask for this blessing,
    little baby
    to come soon, safely in this world.
  3. It’s a nice watch, it
    ‘s my aunt’s baby shower,
    ordered a saree from Banaras for today.
    Everyone is asking for a gift from maternal uncle,
    we also ask him for Swift for Lalla. Look at that niece, she will be a darling,
    she will have a beautiful face like Sachin.
    By becoming big, the country will be famous,
    Hrithik Roshan will become my nephew.
  4. The new guest
    is about to come,
    the house-courtyard
    is going to be decorated again.
    He will be drunk,
    just like uncle,
    to welcome him,
    see the whole village has come.
    Every part of him will be like silk,
    becoming a prince,
    he is going to dominate everyone.
    Everyone is waiting,
    now only he is going to come.
  5. My sister,
    everybody’s darling,
    her baby shower,
    she is looking lovely.
    In seven months,
    she has become round,
    looks tiny too,
    will be chubby.
    On his arrival,
    I will get a new job, I
    will feed him morning and evening,
    taking him in my lap in the name of the Lord.
    Sister is the life of brother-in-law,
    he is a guest who comes in his lap, may
    my sister’s family be happy,
    this is my repeated prayer.
  6. Entry of new guest in the house
    is going to happen,
    Nani Maa is getting senti. Crying, he
    will come to this house, will make
    the family members
    laugh again. Sister’s dream,
    is going to come true now,
    the moon of the sky,
    itself He is about to come down.

  7. We have decorated the stars in the house-courtyard ,
    the spring will take place in a few days.
    An angel is about to come,
    he is going to decorate the lap of his sister-in-law. He will come walking with small steps, he
    will boast saying ‘bua-bua’.
    When he will run in the house with a bang,
    the whole house will shine with his beauty. Everyone is waiting for him,
    all the gatherings have been arranged,
    the sister-in-law has been blown away by the spring.
  8. Like a fairy,
    the little bud is about to blossom, Sister’s daughter is about to come to
    our house . She will come sitting on a chariot of moonlight, like honey, she will sing sweetly. Her words will smell of perfume, on her lips Moonlight will stop. Being a queen, she is going to dominate the hearts, my sister’s daughter is about to come home.

For a long time,
we were longing for
someone to play in our courtyard, someone would take away all our wealth
in return for his laughter. With his arrival, there will be light in the world, our name will be illuminated, my son’s darling. Baby Shower Today, the delivery will happen soon, as soon as he comes , the lottery will open for my house .

Everyone is waiting for the birth of a child,
ask for it in baby shower,
happiness in the heart again and again. Everyone is
taking blessings of Bua,
the child who is going to live long and live,
this is what we are getting
. Aunt,
mother caressing,
sister doing mischief with brother-in-law, Everyone’s eyes are fixed
on the arrival of the child , in the ceremony of baby shower, getting blood gifts.

Baby Shower Quotes

Poems tie the knot on the baby shower. So, we have come up with God Bharai Quotes for you in this article. You can choose them according to the ceremony and mood and can share and loot applause.

  1. Sister’s baby is showered today,
    play dholak, cymbals today,
    together we will find giddha,
    we will celebrate happiness all night long.
  2. Dreams are going to get the world,
    the sky is going to get the moon,
    keep your house decorated with stars,
    a little guest is going to get in your house.
  3. It is a day of happiness for brother and sister-in-law,
    my heart is filled with the arrival of the child,
    he came into the world with thousands of happiness,
    today we give these good wishes from the heart.
  4. For the guest joining the family,
    we have brought prayers for the little angel,
    may he be happy, may he be settled, this is what we wish
    for our dear nephew to be.
  1. A new guest will come in the house,
    your world will be filled with happiness,
    new gifts will come everyday,
    seeing the child, the heart will also be proud.
  2. Come into the world,
    your child is safe,
    may it be the reflection
    of elders and son-in-law.
  3. Your world danced with happiness,
    when your children played in your arms.
  1. Be it a daughter or a son, both will be dear, whether
    at home or in the maternal home,
    the stars of happiness will be scattered in both the places.
  2. From mother I became nanny,
    my daughter’s baby shower took place,
    soon a small guest will come to the house,
    like it rained stars in my courtyard.
  3. Today is baby shower,
    listen Bua and Tai,
    Sohar, recite the song,
    play the drums in the house till Lalla comes.
  4. What gift should be given to you on the arrival of the child,
    what should be given to you in front of God’s gift,
    you are about to give birth to the messenger of angels,
    what should be given that will make you wonderful.
  5. There will be noise, there will be dance,
    there will be excitement on the arrival of the child,
    start all the preparations, there
    will be a lot of fun after the baby shower.
  6. I will be happy to see my son’s face,
    when he comes in my arms, I will cry,
    waiting for him I am celebrating baby shower, don’t know
    how I will be able to be patient till he comes.
  7. We look like grandmother and he looks like grandfather,
    we are closest to the child, I
    am giving this blessing to you on baby shower,
    the world will salute him, this is what I wish.
  8. Decorate the house again and again,
    call spring and spring,
    the little guest will come home soon,
    complete the preparations for the celebration.
  9. The child’s dream has been decorated,
    we have put a cradle in the house,
    a few more days after the baby shower,
    we have called his fairies to welcome him.
  10. Adoption is about to be done,
    daughter-in-law is about to be adopted now,
    meet and welcome Lalla,
    the wish is about to be fulfilled.
  11. We will become parents,
    we will become family,
    with the arrival of the child, we
    will now become complete.
  12. Happiness has become a new abode,
    daughter’s feet have become heavy,
    a new guest will come in the house,
    living without him has now become difficult.
  13. We will see the celebration of the child, we
    will see him lovingly,
    we will see his soft hands,
    we will also see the smile on his lips.