Are almonds good for weight loss

Are almonds good for weight loss

Let us know about Are almonds good for weight loss. My mother used to feed me soaked almonds every morning as a child and used to say that it sharpens the mind and memory. And she was right, because almonds are rich in fiber, protein, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese and vitamin E, which is why it is considered a superfood. This dry fruit has been a part of people’s diet for centuries, but did you know that brain-boosting almonds can also help you lose weight?

Almond is a nutritious dry fruit, which should be a part of everyone’s diet. The benefits of almonds are not just limited to the nutrients they provide. A new research has shown that almonds are a great food to include in your diet and it also helps you lose weight. So let us tell you how almonds help in weight loss.

Are almonds good for weight loss
Are almonds good for weight loss

benefits of almonds for weight loss

A recent study from the University of South Australia found that a handful of almonds can help prevent weight gain. According to a study on how almonds can alter human appetite, eating 30 to 50 grams of almonds can induce people to eat fewer kilojoules per day.

According to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, people who chose almonds instead of breakfast had the same amount of energy as carbohydrates. Almonds are high in protein, fiber and saturated fat, all of which add to their satiating properties.

According to the study’s researchers, almond consumption was associated with a decrease in C-peptide response levels as well as an increase in the levels of glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide response, and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide response.

Improved insulin sensitivity and a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease are two benefits of the C-peptide response. Pancreatic polypeptide and glucagon both aid in weight loss and slow digestion, which can lead to a reduction in caloric intake.

mind the quantity

Nutrient powerhouse almonds are a great addition to your weight loss diet and act as the perfect weight loss snack. However, it can also cause problems if taken in excess.

How almonds are helpful in weight loss

Although almonds are considered very good for weight loss, but it can also increase your weight. Confused? Yes, almonds also contain a lot of calories. Excessive consumption of almonds can also fail your mission to lose weight. Hence, avoid eating too many almonds. According to several studies, a handful of walnuts is enough to help you lose weight. Let us know how almonds help in weight loss.

Helpful in suppressing appetite

Almonds help in keeping your stomach full for a long time. Eating this calms your appetite and you can stick with your diet plan. Almonds also help in keeping you fit and healthy. Eating almonds in between meals keeps you away from unhealthy foods and also helps you get the right amount of nutrients.

rich in protein

It has been revealed in many studies that a handful of almonds contains 6 grams of protein and high protein foods are considered beneficial for reducing weight. Almonds satiate your appetite as well as make you feel less hungry. That is why it is considered one of the best foods for weight loss.

store of fiber

A lot of fiber is also found in almonds. Consuming foods rich in fiber helps you feel full. Eating a handful of almonds gives you 3 grams of fiber. That is why consuming almonds helps in keeping you full for a long time and you eat less.

good fat

You get 15 grams of fat from a handful of almonds. Hearing fat, it must have come to your mind that it is unhealthy, but it contains unsaturated fat, which is considered good for your heart health. This fat is easily digested and gives you energy for a long time.

good calories

Being high in calories, almonds are known as a great snack, which gives you ample amount of energy and calories and that too without fat. After eating almonds, you feel less hungry and it also helps you to lose weight.

Almond is one such dry fruit, which is very nutritious and can provide many benefits. Eating a handful of almonds makes you feel full, which helps you lose weight. However, before including almonds in your diet, do consult a doctor.