Announcing your pregnancy

Announcing your pregnancy – Tell the boss yourself

Let us know the Announcing your pregnancy in today’s article. Announcing the exciting news of your pregnancy to the world is one of the most exciting experiences for every woman. It is quite easy to tell this ‘good news’ to the family members, but it is a bit difficult to tell it to the people in the office where you work, and sometimes it gives women sleepless nights.

How to announce your pregnancy at work 

Announcing your pregnancy
Announcing your pregnancy

Telling work colleagues about pregnancy requires some preparation (and a lot of tricks) so you can figure out the best way to broach the topic.

However, announcing your pregnancy at work doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think it will be. Here are some super-practical tips you can apply when you decide to tell someone at the office:

1. Tell the boss yourself 

Tell this information to your boss yourself, that is, tell it face to face. Doing this will give you two benefits, the boss will understand the importance you give him and you will be able to gauge feedback in advance. Make sure you keep the news of your pregnancy away from social media until you tell your boss about it, as many of your coworkers will be on your friends list. In such a situation, experience says that the strategy of telling the person with the highest position first is the best and is appreciated in the corporate world.

2. Choose the right time to tell the boss

Although you will be very eager to give this information, do not choose a time when the boss is busy or upset. Ask for their time, sit down face to face and share the news in a private place. When you present this important information carefully, your boss will realize how important it is to you and will give his full support. Most women do not understand when to disclose pregnancy at work. It’s a good idea to wait until the end of the first trimester . This can happen only if your morning sickness does not blurt out this news beforehand. Right before a promotion or appraisal or when a new project is announced is also not a good time to tell your boss about this.

3. Choose a suitable place to tell this news

Decide where you can share this important information with your boss. Definitely don’t do it at the coffee machine or in the office lobby, where you can expect to have frequent visitors. The best place is your boss’s cabin or if you are comfortable, you can even go for lunch with him.

4. Talk openly about maternity leave and its benefits

One of your primary concerns will be whether or not you will be able to return after your delivery. If you haven’t made a decision yet and need time to decide, be honest and tell your boss accordingly. Consider choosing someone to take over during your absence, which will convey the message that you are a responsible person who won’t leave the organization in the lurch. Speak to the HR department and get details of the holidays you are entitled to and other benefits. Don’t hesitate to ask about your maternity leave and other benefits. Speak clearly and enjoy the benefits you deserve.

5. Stay calm, stay professional

Pregnancy is an important phase of your life and you do not need to hesitate while telling about it to your boss or your team. Avoid words like ‘I’m sorry’ and be as professional as possible while sharing your good news. If there is an important project that you need to be a part of, make it clear that you will do your best to prepare in advance and remain as committed as ever. Also, always accept that pregnancy will affect work in some ways and you are ready to take it in your stride.

6. Make it fun and informal with coworkers

If you have been working in an organization for a long time then surely your relations with your colleagues will be very good. You may not be so formal with each other and you may also be friends with some. So, why do you shy away from sharing your good news? In fact, you can break the news of your pregnancy to your coworkers in a fun way. Your absence will obviously increase their workload, so appreciate them. And if it’s your second child, show a photo of the baby holding a placard that says, ‘I’m going to have a brother/sister now’. They will also be very happy for you when they hear the good news in this unique way.

7. Don’t be afraid 

Pregnancy is a lifelong experience, don’t be afraid to share the news with your boss or other colleagues. Most women feel that they may be asked to resign and will not get a place in a corporate after having a child. However, this is discrimination and most professional organizations would refrain from doing something like this. Today’s bosses are open-minded and understanding, so don’t be afraid.

8. Be cautious about your absence from active work

Show the company that you’ve thought about how things or a certain project can be managed while you’re away. If you can work off a certain amount of time during the day when you can check emails, phone calls, and project updates, go ahead and do that. This will help you stay in the loop and create a responsible image of you.

9. Keep your clients in the loop

Don’t forget your clients in this situation. When you decide to come back, you definitely don’t want to ruin an existing relationship just because you ‘forgot’ to tell him. Letting clients know in advance will send them a subtle message that they matter and that you care. This will also help you manage their expectations from you during your absence.

Announcing your pregnancy in the office may upset you, but your organization is also in a dilemma. They will be worried about work getting affected and projects getting delayed, so give them and yourself enough time to take appropriate steps to manage things. Keep all lines of communication open during this time and you will be able to manage things well. Tell your boss that you will try to minimize the damage, but pregnancy is a difficult and important time for you too.