Ajinomoto during pregnancy

Ajinomoto during pregnancy

Let’s know about Ajinomoto during pregnancy. A woman may also have very strange cravings during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, there will be days when you will crave for something spicy. But you know very well that not everything that tastes good is good for health. During this, you should choose your food very carefully. If you eat Chinese food then you should think twice before eating it because Ajinomoto (MSG) is used in this food which can be harmful for you and your unborn baby. Ajinomoto is mostly used as a flavoring agent in Chinese food. Although it enhances the taste of food, consuming it during pregnancy can lead to several side-effects. 

Ajinomoto during pregnancy
Ajinomoto during pregnancy

Ajinomoto or M.S.G. What is?

Ajinomoto is not actually an ingredient, it is the name of a Japanese organization that manufactures monosodium glutamate or MSG. Makes products. M.S.G. Its use is controversial because according to doctors, long-term use of it can cause health problems. Some argue that our body produces glutamate naturally, so it is safe to consume Ajinomoto. If you are pregnant, we would recommend that you avoid foods that contain Ajinomoto or consult a nutritionist before including it in your diet. 

Use of Ajinomoto as a food additive in the food industry 

Although the food industry uses each ingredient in large quantities, it is possible to use cheaper and more flavorful ingredients such as ajinomoto to enhance the taste of the food. Ajinomoto is also used in the food industry because this material increases appetite. M.S.G. By stimulating the pancreas in the body, insulin is produced, which reduces the level of sugar. For this reason, the appetite increases and people have a desire to eat more. 

Is it safe to eat ajinomoto during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid foods containing ajinomoto as it can be harmful to the unborn child. If you consume it in excessive quantity, it can cause damage to the placenta due to which it is difficult for the nutrition to reach the baby. Because of this, the baby growing in the womb may also have problems due to acidic food and other germs present in the stomach. 

Side Effects of Eating Ajinomoto During Pregnancy 

Especially if a pregnant woman eats ajinomoto-rich foods in large quantities, it can be harmful to her. Here are some of the side-effects of eating ajinomoto during pregnancy, let us find out;

  • Placental damage: MSG in high doses. Taking it can cause placenta damage and may pose a risk to the unborn baby from exposure to germs and glutamate. This can affect the nerves of the baby’s brain. 
  • Headache: Consuming too much of Ajinomoto can cause migraine problems, which also leads to weak vision and sensitivity to sound and light. 
  • Insomnia: Consuming Ajinomoto stimulates the brain cells, which can cause insomnia and keep you awake throughout the night. 
  • Nerve over-stimulation: Ajinomoto can make neurotransmitters uncontrolled by stimulating the nerves. 
  • Heart disease: Eating ajinomoto-rich foods can cause rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and even cardiac arrest. 
  • Nausea: If your immunity is weak and you eat Ajinomoto-rich food, you may develop nausea. 
  • Obesity: Ajinomoto stimulates the pancreas, which can also lead to obesity. 
  • Other health problems: After Ajinomoto splits in the body G.A.B.A. (GABA) which has tranquilizer effects. It can also lead to other side-effects like numbness, weakness, thyroid problems and so on. 

Rationale for using Ajinomoto (MSG) 

M.S.G. According to some studies done on rats related to this food can harm the placenta. But according to the research done on monkeys like human species, the results were opposite. If you consume ajinomoto in a very large quantity, then only it can cause you some serious problems. 

Arguments for not using Ajinomoto (MSG) 

It has been argued many times on the subject that M.S.G. It is not natural it is made by fermenting sugar which is not good for health at all. Another reason why caution should be exercised before consuming ajinomoto is that eating it can cause many problems, such as heart disease, nausea, headache, placenta damage, and so on. That’s why MSG in food. Better not to use it. 

How to identify food containing Ajinomoto

Most of the processed food contains MSG. is used and its use in restaurants is very common. This substance is mostly used in fermented foods, such as soy sauce. So if you buy processed, canned or packaged food, read its label once. If these foods do not clearly state that they contain MSG. If there are free items then Ajinomoto can be used in them. M.S.G. Commonly used in flavoring, coloring, stocks, broths, seasonings, and so on. Hence it is better to avoid them during pregnancy.

Although you should avoid MSG during pregnancy. There will be a lot of craving to eat food containing it, but it is better not to eat it at this time. During this time there will be many hormonal changes in your body and they can react differently to many things and food, so do not take any risk. Before eating any food item that you want to eat during pregnancy, be sure to know from the doctor whether that food item is safe for you or not. You must tell your diet plan to the nutritionist and doctor and eat only healthy food.