10 Tips to stay healthy during summer pregnancy

10 Tips to stay healthy during summer pregnancy

In today’s post, we are going to talk about 10 Tips to stay healthy during summer pregnancy. The moment your pregnancy test result is positive, you get excited to know that you are pregnant. Here’s what you should know about how to prepare yourself for the new changes in life during pregnancy. If you have become pregnant during the summer then the difficulties may increase further or this journey may be challenging. But don’t worry, here are some tips on how to make your pregnancy easier in this article, using which you can enjoy your pregnancy without any hassle. Let’s start with 10 tips to stay healthy during summer pregnancy.

Why is it not good to be pregnant in summer? 

The problem of getting pregnant in summer is not felt until the summer season completely bothers you. During summer, a pregnant woman tries to manage her health problems by following a special diet, but along with this, the chances of many other problems also increase.

Dehydration is very dangerous for a woman during pregnancy and the chances of this happening in summer are higher than in other seasons. Due to constant sweating , essential fluids are rapidly removed from the woman’s body. Due to which various parts of the body start swelling , which is considered a natural symptom of pregnancy, but due to heat, this condition can become worse, especially in the ankles and calf areas. Constant exposure to heat and strong sunlight can make your pregnancy difficult and you may not be able to go out, which may make you feel irritated and bored by staying indoors for a long time.

Important tips to take care of pregnancy in summer

10 Tips to stay healthy during summer pregnancy
10 Tips to stay healthy during summer pregnancy

Some suggestions have been given for pregnant women in summer, using which the effects of heat can be reduced, but this season can be enjoyed despite the troubles or discomfort.

1. Bathing in cold water of bathtub

If you are pregnant, then it is time to be proud of yourself, hot bath therapy is great but in summer you should use only room temperature water for this therapy. Freshen your mood with aroma candles and music and spend some relaxing time in the bathtub.

2. Getting a Massage 

Prenatal massage is already considered very good for the mother-to-be, but it has more benefits in summer. Massage completely relaxes your body and thoroughly cleans your sweet pores, you can enjoy it in the air conditioned massage center.

3. Buy Cool Wrap 

Here by the word “cool” we do not mean any neck wrap which will make you look cool, rather there are many special wraps available in the market which have cooling gel filled inside them and by sprinkling a little water on them the gel gets activated. And the wraps cool down instantly too. Always use these wraps while going out of the house so that you can control your body temperature and also get some relief from the heat.

4. Choose comfortable clothes 

You might have already bought some fancy outfits, which will make you look very beautiful during pregnancy, but these clothes may not be as comfortable as summer. In such a situation, do not get upset or angry with yourself because you will have to go shopping again, you can buy some loose suits, cotton shirts and shorts for yourself. These will help you move around easily as well as help your skin breathe properly. 

5. Finish work early in the morning 

Pregnant women want to wake up early in the morning during pregnancy but they are not able to do so. However, morning time is the best time to do physical activities. Which includes everything from exercise to household work, in such a situation, the cool weather and low temperature in the morning makes your work easier, so that you can rest in the afternoon without any worry and stress

6. Keep Your Feet Elevated 

Swelling in various parts of the body is quite common during pregnancy, which increases even more in summers. Therefore, whenever you rest , keep your legs elevated and take the support of pillows for that. For more relief, keep a cold towel on the feet.

7 . Take an afternoon nap

Summer season, scorching sun bothers all of us. In such a situation, your body is unable to tolerate excessive heat, so you should avoid doing too much work. Also, do not control your sleep in the afternoon at all and leave the rest of the work at that time. When you wake up, have a glass of juice and take advantage of the cool bathtub.

8 . Go swimming

Swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises that pregnant women can do and not only this, it is also one of the best ways to beat the heat. Nowadays mother swimsuits are available in the market, wearing which you can go to the swimming pool. But before doing this, definitely talk to your doctor.

9. Tie hair

If your long hair is repeatedly bothering you while working, then make a pony or bun and tie it so that you can get air. Apart from this, if you want, you can adopt a bold look and try a new look by cutting short hair during your pregnancy.

10. Always stay hydrated

Always keep your body hydrated during the summer season. You may be drinking enough water, but in summer you have to drink more water. It is important for a pregnant woman to consume water to clean her body and maintain its normal temperature. Apart from this, you can also drink juice, but keep drinking at least 8-10 glasses of plain water daily.

By using these tips, you can make your pregnancy easier to some extent during summer. If your delivery is due around this time, the doctor may ask you to take some additional precautions which you will need to follow. Enjoy this beautiful time as much as possible with the baby growing in your womb by taking all measures and be happy.